Various Artists – Produced By Tony Visconti

What does it sound like?:

Tony Visconti has reached the point in life, at nearly eighty, when he is taking stock, looking back on his career and weighing up how big a difference he has made in the frivolous world of Pop. Naturally, being American, he is not shy in coming forward. With the help of Edsel, he has put together two luxurious box sets, one for 77 tracks on 4 CDs and the other with 73 on 6 LPs. Licensing issues mean that the four Bowie tracks on CD are dropped for the vinyl. There is also the option of a 30 track double LP. The book in the boxes includes an essay by Mark Paytress and detailed notes of Visconti’s thoughts on each song, plus lots of period photographs. He curates the whole thing and personally oversees the remastering by Phil Kinrade. Produced By Tony Visconti is the best representation of his life’s work, according to the man himself. It is a blatant vanity project. He even provides the sales pitch: Tony says, ‚ÄúThis boxset covers five and a half decades of my efforts in the art of making iconic recordings. Some of it is familiar and … Continue reading Various Artists – Produced By Tony Visconti