Van Morrison – The Afterword speaks

have fed the contents of the Van Morrison thread into the mainframe computer and the results are in. A few rules of engagement. I only allowed five songs per person (sorry, Owlsley). However where people indicated a clear change of mind I allowed it, because that’s the kind of guy I am. Where people indicated a specific live or alternative recording I noted it as such; otherwise I assumed it was the original studio recording. I took the lists in the order presented, with five points for the first down to one for the last. I realise not everyone was specific about the order so I also totted up the number of votes, and guess what – it hardly made any difference. This may be worth bearing in mind should anyone be foolish enough to do one of these in the future. In all 45 of us voted, with 220 votes for 101 tracks. A fair spread. Well over half were chosen by just one person. However there was a clear winner.

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