Underwhelming albums of 2017

OK, we have the wonderful thread with everyone’s favourite records of 2017 – but what about the duds? I don’t mean the album your nephew recorded in his shed over a weekend with his mate on tambourine, but a record that you were really looking forward to or one that the critics had given a huge thumbs up to but that you are giving the thumbs down to.

Here’s some that I couldn’t get into by acts I’ve liked in the past:

I’ve loved everything by FATHER JOHN MISTY to date. I’m not having the new one. It sounds like one song for 70+ minutes, and I’m with the guy who said that it ‘sounds like Elton John reading the Comment Is Free section of The Guardian’. ARCADE FIRE released an album with a good (Abba) single, a bizarre marketing campaign, and not much else. I’ve always enjoyed the GORILLAZ mix of Damon with some hip-hop that’s out of my comfort zone. This year, they just left me with the hip-hop out of my comfort zone. FLEET FOXES took years off and forgot to write any tunes. FEIST decided she wanted to be PJ Harvey this year, but PJ Harvey … Continue reading Underwhelming albums of 2017