Third Album; First Single

Yesterday I found out that Mumford & Sons have a third album coming out. I read a small bit of blurb about new instrumentation & experiments and so, in the name of science, I went onto Spotify to listen to the first single. It’s awful, forgettable dullness, and I should have expected little else.

You see, I think the third album is where you show whether or not your in it for the long run. First album you have novelty, youth and years of life behind you to deliver. Second album, you can get away with doing whatever you did first time round. Third album, you have to step up and plant your flag, and the first single you choose is important.

So let’s hear it for Bohemian Rhapsody! Oliver’s Army! Papa Don’t Preach! And of course, The Beatles showing how Third Album; First Single should be done… Any other TA;FS suggestions?