The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers Super Deluxe

What does it sound like?:

Released in 1971, Sticky Fingers is the third of a trilogy of albums that established The Rolling Stones as the greatest rock band in the world, shifting huge numbers of units and enabling them to sell out stadiums across the globe.

It actually follows the blueprint of Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed, albeit juggling the sequencing. There is the smutty rocker (Stray Cat Blues -> Live With Me -> Bitch), the ancient blue’s cover (Prodigal Son -> Love In Vain -> You Gotta Move), the one with the stretched-out musical interlude (Sympathy For The Devil -> Midnight Rambler -> Can You Hear Me Knocking), the country song (Dear Doctor -> Country Honk -> Dead Flowers), the clunky social verité (Jigsaw Puzzle -> You Can’t Always Get What You Want -> Sister Morphine) and the real jaw-dropper (Street Fighting Man -> Gimme Shelter -> Moonlight Mile). Brown Sugar should really be bracketed with the previous non-album singles, Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Honky Tonk Women but they must have been short of quality material. Wild Horses is a first for The Stones, a genuinely emotional and vulnerable ballad.

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