The Old Crow Medicine Show – 50 Years of Blonde on Blonde

What does it sound like?:

The Old Crow Medicine Show were originally discovered busking outside a pharmacist in 2000. It must have been a good spot with plenty of footfall. They are described as an old-time string band fuelled by punk rock energy and have been credited with reviving the banjo. Nine albums later, they are officially Nashville nobility, having been inducted to the Grand Old Oprey in 2013 and awarded a Grammy in 2014 for their last album, Remedy. They are all Dylan fans, Ketch Secor being especially obsessive.

Dylan recorded almost all of Blonde On Blonde in Nashville and used mostly local musicians. To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, The Old Crow Medicine Show performed the whole album, in the correct sequence, at the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum. That concert is now released as their first for Columbia, the label that issued Blonde On Blonde in the first place.

These are fine musicians, perfectly in tune with each other. The lead voice, Critter Fuqua, is a warm tenor, very easy on the ear. The fiddle, the harmonica and banjo are pretty lively. The love and joy on this recording leaps from the speakers … Continue reading The Old Crow Medicine Show – 50 Years of Blonde on Blonde