The hearing aid diaries

So, after years of smiling politely and nodding my head like an idiot in pubs when I didn’t have a bloody clue what someone had told me (apologies if you are one of those people) and exasperated looks when people say ‘Seriously…you can’t hear that car alarm?!’ I went for a free hearing test at Boots in February this year.

I’d thought I’d done quite well in my ‘Mr and Mrs’ style booth, pressing the button every time I heard a tone. I came out to a look of slight concern on the face of the woman who’d run the test. ‘I think we need to book you in for a more thorough assessment’. These initial results showed moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears which was a bit of a shock as I’d presumed that it wouldn’t be quite so bad. A further test 3 weeks later confirmed the initial results and the audiologist gave me an expensive hearing aid to try out. The improvement was impressive, the aural equivalent of switching from black & white to colour. The downside? I’d need to spend around £2000 to get my hands on a pair. He told me that the … Continue reading The hearing aid diaries