The Afterword CD swap (slight return)

We are back back back baby. New Year and a new (well the second) Afterword CD swap is go. We need you to sign up now. We hope you enjoyed the summer’s debut run out, now it’s time for that difficult second swap. You may have noticed its been a bit chilly, well here in the UK. For our Southern Hemisphere brethren its all passing out out on centre court in 40 degree heat. Anyways, the theme of the second CD swap is that its cold. You can respond to the theme in any way you like: lyrics, artists, titles.

The CD swap is once more by your hosts @kid-dynamite and @moseleymoles. If you didn’t get your full quota of swaps last time let us know in a DM, and we will put you in a group with two (hopefully) reliable sorts.

We’ve tried to keep the rules to a minimum to make taking part as easy as possible. For those who’ve never done one before, a CD swap involves you making a compilation, posting it to a couple of other people, who post you theirs. How it all works is in … Continue reading The Afterword CD swap (slight return)