Springsteen on Broadway


Walter Kerr Theatre, New York, NY

Date: 27/01/2018

Shut the fuck up”, his first words from the stage to the adoring “Brooooce” chanting faithful. Letting us know this would be no ordinary show.

He then launches not into a song, but a monologue explaining he is a “fraud” and performance is a “magic trick”. He made a fortune singing about the ordinary working man yet never went to a workplace 5 times a week in his life (until this Broadway run!), later he informs us that at the age of 21 he had never properly driven a car.

The first song played is from his very first album is Growin’ Up, thus we are set for a roughly chronological journey through his life. The performance is more of (scripted) words with songs rather than the other way around. He moves between guitar and piano, sometimes talking off mike and even singing the odd verse unamplified (most memorably in The Promised Land). He speaks/sings of his hometown, his parents, Catholicism, Clarence, Patti, making a start in the music business, Vietnam and many places in-between.

The theatre is tiny, on entry from 48th St one goes not into a lobby, … Continue reading Springsteen on Broadway