Some Fantastic Place – My Life In and Out of Squeeze

Author:Chris Difford

It was just 50p that set Chris Difford up for the rest of his life. And it wasn’t even his 50p. It paid for an advert looking for a guitarist to join a band that didn’t actually exist. Glenn Tilbrook responded (well, more accurately, Tilbrook’s girlfriend Maxine did), and a bond is forged that connects Difford and Tilbrook for the next 44 years and still counting.

If Chris has had any help writing this, it’s been done with the lightest of touches. Chris’s voice is very much in evidence, his turn of phrase on every turn of page. It’s a candid, unflinching assessment of his work, his upbringing, his marriages and his addictions.

Throughout the book Chris paints himself as an outsider. The third of three boys, his brothers are grown men when he is born, making him almost an only child. His affection for his parents shines through but his home life full of silence and distance. Therapy later in life entails searches for explanations for his demons but Chris feels it revealed little memory of conflict or unhappiness. Describing his childhood there are suspicions of infidelity, acts of jealous anger and feelings going unsaid – the … Continue reading Some Fantastic Place – My Life In and Out of Squeeze