Roger Waters (Again!)

Waters gives a very impassioned talk to Double Down News. Personally, while I can’t agree with Waters’ views regarding Putin, I think the attempts to cancel his shows on the grounds of anti-semitism are nonsense. (Quite harmful nonsense, as it happens. Harmful to genuine opposition to anti-semitism.) Here he addresses those accusations, calls MP Christian Wakeford “scum”, talks about the leather coat, Anne Frank, the “evils of the apartheid state of Israel”, repeats yet again his mother’s advice (word for word as already recounted in his speech to the UN Security Council) and even manages to inform us that his father was killed in the second world war (who knew?). The most interesting bit for me personally is what he says about the Star of David on his inflatable pig. I recently described it here as “seriously ugly provocation”. Basically because I believed what I’d read in the newspapers. (He claims he actually, after reflection, removed the symbol 23 years ago.)