Revolutionary Spirit:The Sound Of Liverpool 1976-1988

What does it sound like?:

Liverpool was a decaying city in the late seventies to the late eighties. It was as though the heatwave in the summer of 1976 had drained the city of all its colour. It was ashen grey and derelict with record levels of unemployment and crime, bordered up businesses, endless strikes and dire poverty. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher won the first of her three elections. By 1981, draconian application of ‘sus’ laws led to ferocious riots in Toxteth, which continued off and on until 1985. There was a large black population but it was almost all confined to Liverpool 8. Less than a mile away, in the city centre, black faces were rarely seen. The Militant Tendency wrecked the Labour Party, dominated the council and constantly battled with Westminister for ideological reasons, while neglecting to serve their population. Businesses saw no future in Liverpool and decamped elsewhere. The people followed. In 1961, the population was well above three quarters of a million. By 1985, with unemployment at 20%, double the national average, it had fallen to less than half a million. As the city shrank, the cold grip of heroin took hold and guns exacted … Continue reading Revolutionary Spirit:The Sound Of Liverpool 1976-1988