For my 56th birthday I will be getting a hearing aid. I’ve been getting increasingly deaf in my right ear along with a generous side helping of tinnitus, and I’m at the point of being willing to carry an ear trumpet if it means I can hear anything said to me on my right side, or puts music back into stereo. I’m counting my blessings that my left ear still functions more or less normally for my age.

I’m wondering if any of the Massive have experience of private, non NHS aids? The NHS only provide the type that sit behind the ear with a tube that pipes the sound into the ear canal. They seem to be plenty of varieties that just fit in the ear but I’m wondering if the benefits extend beyond the cosmetic? I am fortunate enough to be able to afford one but can’t see the point of lobbing out on one if it only improves what others see, and not what I hear.

Oh and – anyone use over the ear headphones with a hearing aid?