Musical Emergencies

Onlookers in London’s busy Holborn district at around 12.30pm today were bemused by the sight of a podgy, wild-eyed man tearing across two lanes of traffic towards Richer Sounds, where * he burst in and roared in a voice like thunder, “Bring me the cheapest earbuds in the shop! This is an emergency!!”

Cool under pressure, the young man behind the counter turned to his assistant and said, “You heard the man. Code red!”

….yep. that was me (the fat bloke, not the two guys with proper jobs, natch). My earbuds had died somewhere on the Euston Road and I had to snatch ten minutes in my lunch break to replace them as quickly and cheaply as possible, lest I face the unimaginable horror of a 3+ hour train journey home without music.

What have been your musical emergencies?

Here’s a clip of Hard-Fi… sorry, 999 to give you thinking time.