Murkey’s Marvellous Mixtape 2019

Hello Afterworders,

Here’s my 2019 Spotify mix. Tunes, old and new, that I discovered in the last year. Listen at the link below:

It’s a rather parochial list this time – only seven countries covered (the most being from England, the USA and – reflecting 2019’s travels – India)! But it’s a goodun.

1. Kirsty McGee and the Hobopop Collective – Madness and the Moon

It’s standard practice for me to begin with my favourite song of the year. This is the umpteenth time I’ve featured Kirsty McGee on one of my mixes. I’ve told you before what a astute songwriter she is, how she creates compelling melodies, plays neat guitar and is a masterful self-producer. Her latest is a career highlight, even by her standards. This is a grounded, cosmic love song. Here’s the video:

From The Deafening Sound of Stars (Hobopop Recordings, 2019). Available to buy directly at

2. Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall

An upbeat, nearly trance-y song from Vampire Weekend with a typically nifty guitar, but it seems to explore rather darker lyrical matter.

From Father of the Bride (Spring Snow / Columbia, … Continue reading Murkey’s Marvellous Mixtape 2019