Back Stage, Green Hotel, Kinross

Date: 08/12/2017

They’ve been around in one form or another, for ever. I’ve never heard anything new from them for well over 30 years, yet they only played 4 songs that I wasn’t familiar with. I suppose you could call it a greatest hits tour, because that’s more or less what they played. Rod Clements is the only original, though I think everyone else has been there for over 20 years. Dave Hull- Denholm takes on most of the lead singing and front man duties as he’s much younger and fitter than Clements, though Clements still gives his all as a multi instrumentalist. Hull-Denholm is married to Alan Hull’s daughter. I think he had 4 different 12 string guitars on stage. In fact, I counted 14 guitars in total! This was the first night of their winter tour, and I  felt it showed in the first few numbers, but from then on they were as tight as a gnat’s chuff, with Steve Dagget encouraging the crowd to join in on the anthemic parts…which, of course,  we all did.

The audience:

I’m not quite 60, but I was probably the youngest there.

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