King Crimson – The Elements Tour Box 2019

What does it sound like?:

What began as a one off idea in 2014 has now become a regular feature of Crimson tours I’m pleased to say. This 2 cd set includes a 28 page tour booklet and certainly beats the traditional concert programme hands down.

As usual, the set combines extracts from studio recordings, plus alternate takes and live material (including rehearsals), covering the whole of the band’s 50 year career and touching on every line up, with over half of the 26 pieces being previously unavailable on cd. Of course these sets aren’t directed at the casual listener or the newcomer to the band’s repertoire, but there are plenty of gems here for the devotee to discover. To choose just a handful of personal highlights out of many for me, check out: the four vocalist version of Cadence and Cascade: The Light of Day from the Scarcity of Miracles sessions: Radical Action and Level 5 from the upcoming Rome set. All in all, another great souvenir from another super tour by a band that are constantly pushing the boundaries, and a far better option than the slender overpriced glossy tour programme usually on offer at shows. – … Continue reading King Crimson – The Elements Tour Box 2019