Jules Maxwell: ‘Songs From A Cultural Backwater’

What does it sound like?:

Jules Maxwell

Jules Maxwell is an enigma – a quixotic, intriguing, gentle, mischievous, profound and brilliant (and wryly hilarious) man who has made a quietly successful career by doing the polar opposite of self-promotion and perhaps sometimes making things rather more awkward for himself than they might be (an impenetrable website comes to mind). But first some context…

The 1990s in Belfast, musically, seem like a golden age of sorts. Maybe scenes always do when you were in the middle of them. From 1994 to early 2001 (though the last couple of years were detached, as I was focusing on a biography), I was writing for a regional newspaper in Northern Ireland about local musicians and organised a couple of mid-90s multi-artist live CDs designed to show off the abundance of talent.

A handful of the people involved in that scene went on to have ongoing careers – traditional songbird Cara Dillon, future Ivor Novello nominee Iain Archer (co-writer to the stars), his brother Paul Archer (whose new album with East Anglia-based Burning Codes, ‘Liberator’, is storming), soul man and future Ed Sheeran protégé Foy Vance, prolific troubadour Brian Houston (who popped by … Continue reading Jules Maxwell: ‘Songs From A Cultural Backwater’