Janet Henry – ‘Going Home’

What does it sound like?:

Around a hundred years ago (well, 30) I had a garage band. The drummer was a hippyish character who had once played with local guitar legend Ivan Muirhead in his hard-rock gospel act SOS. Ivan’s sister Janet – vocally brilliant and strikingly beautiful, which only added to the awe – sang with SOS; in the early 80s they had released a single on vinyl, no less, and appeared on local TV. Heady stuff in those days. By the late 80s, SOS seemed to have hit an iceberg and sunk without trace. I asked the drummer if he thought Janet might be persuaded to join our band. He passed on a demo tape; she politely passed it back. We got the man who became Duke Special instead, played a bit and then stopped. I never really had it in me to perform on stages, though I couldn’t help writing songs.

Twelve years later, around 1999/2000, I finally got Janet ‘in my band’ in a way, covering a Pentangle song for a Bert Jansch tribute album I was organising. She was effortlessly brilliant. Off the back of that, I was trying to help British 50s/60s rock’n’roll … Continue reading Janet Henry – ‘Going Home’