It’s Christmas, a time of goodwill and custard

I’m a cheery soul, and I’m often to be found chuckling quietly to myself in the street.

This is normally because of the whoopee pills, or just reminding myself that I’m married to a woman with big breasts. Today it was because I was listening to this Goon Show which claims to be an adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

It features Ned Cratchit having his Christmas pudding stolen by Moriarty and Grytpype-Thynne, following which he pursues them with the aid of silent-movie piano, only losing them when he runs out of music. Rather too late in the proceedings he is interrupted by a military carol singer (the mighty Major Dennis Bloodnok) for a rendition of White Christmas which dissolves into screams, explosions and breaking glass. It’s like a music-hall version of Funkadelic’s Wars of Armageddon.

Be warned: this is from the final, truncated series of TGS and is as far-out as they got. One can hear Milligan’s bipolar upswing in all of these frantic, hyperactive shows. The pay-off, read by the wonderful Wallace Greenslade, hints at the darkness within: “We wish a merry Christmas and custard to human beings everywhere, and it appears to me that they are … Continue reading It’s Christmas, a time of goodwill and custard