ibroadcast – anyone using it? Is it too good to be true

A reddit thread on the demise of emusic led me to this – a online musical locker/library/cloud backup that you can upload all your digital music files to and play through your pc. Nothing new there, like Google play. But it’s got an ios/Android app – again like Play (but unlike Play on the ios which of course doesn’t (I think) have the option for offline play. ibroadcast claims to be free, to store all your music for streaming, and to let you easily build offline playlists for music on the go. So it’s like Spotify if spotify only used your files and was free. Happy to pay for a family Spotify, but the combination of having my many digital music files on my phone easily organisable for free is very seductive as backup and phone. So anyone using it, any experiences good or bad? As far as I can see they are building up their user base and will introduce a premium sometime soon. Thinking it can sit happily as backup with occasional phone use for travel. Anyone using/want to start using with me and check in a couple of months?