I Have Been Touched Inappropriately Twice In Two Days

The first time was at the security check at Bangkok’s busy Don Mueang aerodrome yesterday. But we have to back up a little to the earlier baggage check-in facility, a new security initiative whereby checked-in luggage gets a thorough electronic probing before being shunted onto a random flight. You have to wait “about a couple of minutes” to see if your name is called. It wasn’t, so I had a peek in the window of the security nerve centre and saw the operative fast asleep in front of the screen as the luggage (bulky thermonuclear devices and cartoon-style big round black bombs with fizzing fuses) trundled past the checkpoint. Duly reassured, I proceeded to the electronic doorway thingie, where a very nice and happy young lady complimented me on my shirt (actually pretty cool – S. Korean, dark green check with a button-in grey hood – you’d love it), pointing it out to her appreciative co-workers, before giving me a very attentive … really very attentive … pat-down and a big Thai smile. I’ve had one or two of these pat-down things before, usually a quick pass with the Derek Smalls beeper (always good for a private joke), but this … Continue reading I Have Been Touched Inappropriately Twice In Two Days