Howard Jones – Best 1983-2017 (3CDs)

What does it sound like?:

Howard Jones is a remarkably successful artist. Between 1983 and 1986, he enjoyed ten UK hit singles, six of which were top ten, and a number one album. Just as his star waned at home, he continued to have more hit singles across the world until 1992.

His music is quite simply, life-affirming, disposable Pop music. He keeps things nice and short, packs his songs with hooks and big choruses, and delivers them with an open heart. There is no pretence that he is creating ‘art’ and a virtual absence of angst. He embraces brightness with a light touch. As a result, he has always been derided as uncool, along with Nik Kershaw and, to a lesser degree, Paul Young. Nevertheless, he isn’t afraid to tackle difficult questions and deep philosophical themes, with lyrical help from Bill Bryant, such as What Is Love, Equality, Life In One Day, Will You Still Be There and Why Look For The Key.

His sound developed over time. His first, and most successful album, Human’s Lib, is just Howard himself playing synthesiser and drum machine. Davey Payne, from The Blockheads plays sax on one track. Human’s Lib … Continue reading Howard Jones – Best 1983-2017 (3CDs)