Greeks Bearing Gifts

Author:Philip Kerr

This novel, the thirteenth in this excellent Raymond Chandler-esque series, sees Bernie Gunther’s world tour continue with a visit to Greece. Unlike some of the previous tales, this one does not feature two separate time lines of interlocking stories set in ‘the present’ and in and around the Second World War. Instead, all the action takes place in 1957, where our hero is living in Munich under an assumed identity. Without giving too much away, a bit of detective work on the side leads to a job as a claims adjuster for an insurance company, and a subsequent visit to Greece to investigate the sinking of a ship once belonging to Jews deported to concentration camps. Things get complicated with a string of murders, the appearance of a wanted Nazi war criminal, a stubborn Greek detective and of course the inevitable beautiful woman, always Bernie’s Achilles Heel. As Europe prepares to move forward into a united future with an economically rejuvenated Germany as a partner rather than an enemy, the novel gives valuable insights into those times, exposing the moral failings of Adenauer’s amnesty for war criminals and the widespread hatred of Germans in Greece. Inspired, as always, … Continue reading Greeks Bearing Gifts