Fat White Family – Songs for our Mothers

What does it sound like?:

They’re pretty enfant terrible aren’t they the Fat Whites? That name, the Nazi and serial-killer referencing song titles – Goodbye Goebbels, Lebensraum, Duce, When Shipman Decides. Well-documented drug abuse and general bad behaviour. ‘Controversial videos’. It’s almost like they don’t need to actually write any music. But here’s Songs for Your Mother with ten tracks of proper music stuff that The Quietus really liked.

So will it send us running and screaming to the hills? Not really – opener Whitest Boy on the Beach hits a nice krautrock rhythm, and as a whole the musical world is squarely that of early eighties industrial: Foetus, early Nick Cave, Pyschic TV and some bizzarro. The vocals are on the whole buried deep in the mix and the production seems to opt for the ‘its ironic right – we’re using crap instruments and the Casio drum machine on its most Bontempi setting’ a la Art Brut, Denim and so on. If one figure hovers over it all its that of early Mark E Smith – the spacy, mystical MES of Witch Trials, Dragnet and Elastic Man. They have a track called I am Mark E Smith. Well … Continue reading Fat White Family – Songs for our Mothers