Beautiful Days 2019


Escot Park, Devon

Date: 16/08/2019

My third visit to this do in Devon. Spoiler: I seem to have watched lots of folk music.

Friday was dismally wet, probably the worst conditions I’ve ever had at a festival. We had the traditional Levellers acoustic set to raise the curtain, which was, let’s be honest, broadly similar to last year’s traditional Levellers acoustic set. l The only act I saw on the main stage all day was Seth Lakeman. My joke walking over was that the weather would suit his music, ie grey, wet and tuneless but he was actually really good. Seen him before and been bored stiff but I enjoyed him here, probably down to his new band – the new electric guitar added some classic Fairport kind of vibes. Give the weather, I spent most of the time in the tent, where the highlights were This Is The Kit – Kate’s a really engaging frontwoman, and the music was great – and the amazing Songhoy Blues. So energetic and upbeat, uplifting and danceable on a miserable day. The perfect closing act.

The rest of the weekend was mostly hot and sunny, meaning that after Bristol hero Gaz … Continue reading Beautiful Days 2019