Beautiful Days 2017


Escot, Devon

Date: 18/08/2017

Beautiful Days is a festival organised by the Levellers down in dear old Devon. It’s an unashamed hippy / counterculture festival with a strong family vibe. I’ve been going to Bearded Theory in Derbyshire for years, and this is cut from the same cloth. It’s bigger (17k cap, I believe), and older – this is the fifteenth , but the first I’ve been to. It’s always been on the radar, but the stars have never aligned for me until this year. The entire Dynamite family attended, which made it an unusual festival experience for me (less cider, more facepainting). I will spare you the detail of craft tents and childrens’ theatre performances, but alongside the music offerings they were more than enough to keep my little(ish) one entranced for the weekend. There are loads of interesting food stalls around, with far more than the standard burgers on offer, and us hippy herbivores are really well catered for. No Gandhi’s Flip Flop, unfortunately, but you can’t have everything. Unlike the big corporate festivals you’re allowed to bring your own food and drink into the arena, but despite that the bars are rammed all weekend. They’re … Continue reading Beautiful Days 2017