Bash & Pop – Anything Could Happen

What does it sound like?:

This album does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s brainless good-time Rock, seat-of-the-pants brash with the feeling that at any moment the drummer may have one too many and a cymbal will start rolling across the floor. It’s sincere, it’s reeking of beer and leather and it’s a lot of fun.

Tommy Stinson was the bassist in The Replacements but has spent more of his career as a member of Guns ‘n’ Roses. Thankfully, the songs on Anything Could Happen resemble the ramshackle looseness of The Replacements but without any hint of darkness. Even a song titled Unfuck You sounds playful rather than sinister. Stinson enjoys stepping up to the microphone though his voice lacks a Rock edge. The band consists of twin guitars, Steve Selvidge and Justin Perkins, whose solos are tight and pithy, Tony Kieraldo on keys and Joe Sirios on drums. They play instinctively, like a band who have played the pub circuit for decades. None of them played on the last Bash & Pop album released in 1991, just after The Replacements broke up.

The album blasts by with a grin when the choruses are big enough to … Continue reading Bash & Pop – Anything Could Happen