Afterword dinner party

I’m settling-in to the first episode of the 3rd series of Detectorists (like you do/did), and Andy and Lance are settling onto the sconce of their favourite oak for a spot of idle rumination. Which six people would you invite (alive or dead) to a dinner party?

It made me wonder in quick succession, who I would invite, and then who the wisdom of the AW crowd would identify as the top six raconteurs, sympathetic listeners, buxom/well-packaged companions for a night around the Afterword Algonquin round table.

So, if you’d care to line up your nominees, I’ll see if there’s consensus around a final sextet of the brightest and the best whose company we’d revel in.

Here’s my starter for, um, six Jane Austen Dorothy Parker Niccolo Machiavelli Umberto Eco Douglas Adams Jane Boleyn