A Question of Crazy Jazz Rock/Fusion

@minibreakfast ‘s https://theafterword.co.uk/a-question-of-jazz/ thread has been a goldmine of alien jazz recommendations.

But it’s largely in the classic, dudes in suits, vein.

Recently I have been wandering through the forests of classic fusion – I’m not an expert but have been stopping to think whether or not I like Mahavishnu or Weather Report (a bit too ‘dry’ particularly Weather Report?) or Billy Cobham.

Then I got Agharta – this could possibly be the peak of all musical existence , well unless you’re having a dinner party. Stupendous.

And I have now continued my journey, with a bit more groove in my step, to find anything else that hits that vein. So please assume the alien is a groovy one – let me have your wig-outs.