A Certain Ratio – ACR:Box

What does it sound like?:

Any overview of ACR’s 4-year career has to cover several phases and, potentially, hundreds of tracks.

This 4-CD box set collects up the singles left off last year’s single-CD “best of”, ACR:Set, and their reissued albums, along with selected b-sides, and demo recordings. There are enough previously-released tracks and mixes in the can for another four CDs.

The majority of the tracks on the first two CDs have been previously released on CD reissues from the LTM and Soul Jazz labels, but all here have been freshly remastered by the band from master tapes at Abbey Road for enhanced sound. Given Factory’s financial problems and closure, possibly not from original master tapes.

Their most famous releases were on Manchester’s Factory Records, the label run by their manager Tony Wilson. Their first single was Factory’s first single-artist release, after the Factory Sample split 7″, and before labelmates Joy Division’s more famous debut album.

The tracklisting is chronological, so begins with debut single All Night Party b/w The Thin Boys – droney dirges which do sound like Joy Division out-takes. Within months, funky drummer Donald Johnson had joined and things really took off.

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