‘18 Ladies: Some Pop.

It might be the ace Chart Music podcast, it might be the relentless sunshine, it might the fact that I’m full of virile, youthful joy (No. It’s definitely not that.), but I’ve been immersing myself this last while in Proper Pop That Goes !Pop! As we know, this is usually music made by ladies of the female variety. This means parking one’s prejudice against 1. songs which are mostly about sexy bits and boys and fluffy-headed female stuff instead of the power of rawk or the Dukla Prague Away Kit 2. music which evokes a feeling of happiness and makes you want to move ya body instead of making you feel all clever and cool just for being the only kid on your street for having heard it apart from when your parents are away and you turn up the stereo and open all the windows 3. artistes who work with other writers and may have arrived via tv talent shows or some form of sinister behind-the-scenes grooming by The Man rather than slogging their way around Britain’s foulest venues in a germ-infested van writing new songs by failing to correctly nick the good bits from the records they admire … Continue reading ‘18 Ladies: Some Pop.