You are Christopher Nolan

‘Hi Christopher it’s the studio here…yeah just stoked about the Dunkirk numbers. You crushed it buddy. So, we’re thinking here about what’s next. I mean not Dunkirk 2 – that would be crazy. But where you might want to go next. We’re thinking maybe The Dambusters here. Everyone loved the planes – so let’s have more of those. And there’s even a dog. What do you think?

So, there’s a stiff upper lip B and W film ripe for re-imagining. Check. Only really need to see the Germans in long shot. Check. So no tricky subtitles or ‘For you Tommy zee war iz over’ moments. Check. We’re so over all that cheap stereotyping. Planes. Check. Can we get some Spitfires in again? The Lancaster’s a bit more…utilitarian. Cross-cutting narratives building to a climactic moment. Ok maybe we need to think a bit more here. So far I’ve got – Guy Gibson in a plane obvs but also: Barnes Wallis suddenly realises there’s a fatal flaw in the bomb design…but they’ve already left. So can we get him in a Spitfire doing some mid-air crucial repairs while they’re being shot at. The dog story needs fleshing out – maybe he’s got … Continue reading You are Christopher Nolan