Ron Sexsmith tickets

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I have 2 tickets for Ron at RFH on Tuesday. Unfortunately I can no longer make the gig. Tickets cost £38.50 each and are Stalls row F seats 11 and 12.

Would be a shame to see them go to waster so any offers would be welcomed. Just PM me if interested


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    I’m going, but there is a big bonus in support coming from Ben Watt, whose marvellous album from last year, Hendra, still gets played in this house.

    There is also even more of a bonus for fans of TV series Nashville (like Mrs P and myself), with Sam Palladio (Gunnar) being added to the bill.

    So snap up this offer.

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    And, if it’s the same as the Glasgow gig, they throw in a fight for extra entertainment! Yes, an actual fight, with a middle aged man being chucked out and everything!
    Stay classy, Glasgow….. ❤️

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