Raveneye – “Nova”

What does it sound like?:

It’s rock, as in raaaaaawwwwk. Massive crashing chords topped with stirring choruses with stacked vocal harmonies. Very much a modern rock album, both rock radio friendly and big enough for festivals and those ready to shake a head (preferably with lengths of hair not generally found in these parts). I first came across guitarist Oli Brown on a few freebie compilation CDs where he revealed himself as a terrific new talent to the UK blues scene, combining notes you don’t generally hear in that genre with youthful flash. Here he is on steroids, wailing and widdling furiously. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s heavy.

What does it all *mean*?

There’s always a market for FM (is it still called that?) rock. UK bands don’t generally rock like this these days. Get across the pond quick lads, where they have more red meat in the diet. In truth it’s not my bag, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad album. I played bits to Twang Jr who pronounced it “awesome”, and in fairness he is much closer to the age of the band or their audience than your reviewer. Approach with confidence if this is your … Continue reading Raveneye – “Nova”