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Your favourite song - massacred 1 Black Celebration Leedsboy
Men and women of Australia - we mourn the passing of a giant 8 Junior Wells mikethep
Snow In Paradise 0 rocker43 rocker43
The best single of 1986 was... 11 Uncle Wheaty Leedsboy
Y'gotta love Sparklehorse.... 2 Fitter Stoke Neil Dyson
Radio Jingles 4 Black Celebration slotbadger
Another man down 1 Twang Freddy Steady
Magi, marabouts and Merlin? Or the marketing department? 5 Kaisfatdad Kaisfatdad
Sleater-Kinney 8 tinysuns timtunes
My perfect birthday present 1 fentonsteve Billybob Dylan
John Holt. R.I.P. 10 Pencilsqueezer Zanti Misfit
Mike Read, Mike Read 275 and 285 38 dai Uncle Wheaty
iPod Nano replacement? Any ideas? 11 johnw Dr Volume
Mike Oldfield 4 bargepole illuminatus
Emerald Vibes 20 Rob C chubbylittleloser
I admit it - I was wrong 68 Carolina Locust
Question to admin 2 MC Escher Admin 1
Rat-a-tat-that's-that (Tim Hauser RIP) 3 Black Celebration Twang
A Question About The Heroin Trade. 36 tiggerlion MC Escher
Judee Sill: 'Heart Food' 40 RubyBlue davebigpicture
Show me the way to go home 1 Beany Curtis from Ohio
Scott Walker/Sunn 0)))-first impressions 9 ip33 ip33
Iggy Pop 3 Blue Boy Mikemusic
New Orleans Soul 6 SteveT Kaisfatdad
Wishbone Ash UK Tour: Oct 24 - Nov 22 13 Colin H Fitter Stoke
John McLaughlin plays 'Stop The Pigeon' with Stephane Grappelli... 3 Colin H Colin H
Mr. Blur Sky 25 James Blast Mavis Diles
Paul Simon - Paul Simon (January 1972) 57 tiggerlion Stephenig
Dexys Bootleg Runers play London! 3 jorrox jorrox
Clannad 3 niallb Blue Boy
Andy Zaltzman 4 illuminatus Malc
ATM: Holiday For Aged Parent 31 Burt Kocain Burt Kocain
Last night's dream 13 andrew SteveT
Vinyl revival 13 minibreakfast Baron Harkonnen
In praise of John Bonham 24 DougieJ slotbadger
Mo-Wax 8 Biggles Zanti Misfit
Man, I love you. 10 niallb fintinlimbim
We Are The Mods! 1 Rigid Digit Junior Wells
Black Widow 'Come To The Sabbat!' Clive Jones R.I.P. 1 Zanti Misfit Vulpes Vulpes
Anything on the telly? 14 bargepole maggieloveshopey
Fair play to Hal Cruttenden... 1 DougieJ Leedsboy
Northern Ireland parliament overthrown by uilleann piping... 1 Colin H geoffbs7
8-nil! 8-bloody-nil! 30 DougieJ FauxGeordie
Heads Up: Jaga Jazzist 1 Mike_H ablewalker
Slainte Feck 5 Rob C Rob C
Anyone tried Yosemite yet? 4 BigJimBob slotbadger
Yet another Little Feat alert - first time in circulation (it says) 7 aging hippy Burt Kocain
U2 - Songs Of Innocence (Deluxe) 20 Adman Baron Harkonnen
iTunes 12 18 Neil Dyson Zanti Misfit
Planet Earth judders... 8 Stephenig Finisterre59
Wir sprechen Deutsch mit Rammstein und Kraftwerk. Hablamos espanol con Shakira y Manu Chao! 55 Kaisfatdad Kaisfatdad
Tiny Desk Concerts 2 todayoutof10 chubbylittleloser
Van Morrison-The Originals mix 2 sour crout sour crout
I Love how "Trippy" 'The Knick' is... 0 bricameron bricameron
This is pleasant 0 ablewalker ablewalker
Vinyl and the devaluation of the CD 24 Dr Volume Beany
Toppie alert, currently on iplayer 3 moseleymoles moseleymoles
Are There Votes In Fear? 63 tiggerlion duco01
Support the living artists... 2 Fitter Stoke Fitter Stoke
Really, back ladies! 17 James Blast ganglesprocket
It's not the first of April, is it? 11 James Blast Billybob Dylan
Ched Evans 128 Neil Dyson sitheref2409
Summer has arrived 10 Number Six Number Six
Meet the Hitlers 2 Kaisfatdad Kaisfatdad
Space, Time and Money 13 Twoflower DougieJ
Songs for Pharmacists 74 Brookster Sniffity
Electrif Lycanthrope - Little Feat 10 SteveT Vulpes Vulpes
Nerina Pallot 9 SimonL SimonL
So, who should you vote for? 32 Wheldrake maggieloveshopey
Hiss Golden Messenger 3 SteveT James Blast
Mary Gauthier tickets 0 latenitetellyvision latenitetellyvision
Primal Scream - the Massive's verdict 25 Martin Horsfield Martin Horsfield
Ruin A Song With Asterisks 45 ganglesprocket MC Escher
Online Decorum ( Twitter Weirdness #2 ) 99 Rob C retropath2
Philately. Does anyone here still do it? 12 Uncle Wheaty badartdog
Maggie Aderin-Pocock: "Kids go into school inquisitive and come out not asking questions any more." 12 Kaisfatdad Adman
Prince & 3rdeye girl oughta cover this lost & forgotten gem gem... 0 bricameron bricameron
A public confession. 62 Vulpes Vulpes RubyBlue
Twerp of the month 27 SteveT Carl Parker
16th of October, 2014. The day the penny finally dropped. 13 aging hippy retropath2
Would you like to lick Margaret Thatcher? 26 Beany Jed Clampett
Learning a foreign language - What's the secret? 59 LiveJasmin illuminatus
Anybody Tried Bloodletting? 31 Brookster retropath2
A Scientific Experiment to Determine Which Decade had the Dullest Sunday Evening TV 5 Hawkfall Kaisfatdad
Drums and Wires 14 bargepole tiggerlion
ATM: simple PC recording software 19 Colin H fentonsteve
This is fun 46 ip33 madfox
Out of a clear blue sky: A rant I didn't see coming 45 madfox madfox
Hannibal (Seasons 1&2) 4 ip33 ip33
Egg storage 17 MC Escher Billybob Dylan
Paul is Dead 0 BigJimBob BigJimBob
ATM: Noise cancelling bluetooth headphones 3 Noise Annoys Mousey
Tasty gear 3 Twang count jim moriarty
The Bogeyman, Old Nick and the Deep Blue Sea: all past their Scare-By Date 18 Kaisfatdad Kaisfatdad
Cameron and disability 75 Blue Boy Lando Cakes
Human Universe time again 2 andrew Martin Hairnet
Anything made you angry recently? 85 eddie g Mike_H
I will soon (briefly) belong to Glasgow 14 dogfacedboy davebigpicture
Warning: does contain traces of Fabness. 18 eddie g Zanti Misfit
The Rega RP1 21 Pat Carty James Blast
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