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Hurrah! 1 minibreakfast barois
Here's the cover, you fill in the gaps 22 tiggerlion JohnH
Mogwai 1 Neil Dyson Neil Dyson
I've just thrown a record away. 38 Moose the Mooche Zanti Misfit
Eric Clapton & Friends 2 retropath2 Junior Wells
Tom Petty is God..... 13 chrisf Junior Wells
Football, my darling, you make it so hard to care... 20 peterthecook tiggerlion
ATM - The Band, Palladium Circles. 9 Skirky Skirky
Flying... 13 Adman Pencilsqueezer
Southampton F.C. ATM 10 Freddy Steady Rigid Digit
The Big Match 2 salwarpe salwarpe
Commonwealth Games - is the lack of interest universal? 66 Junior Wells sitheref2409
The Rudy Royston Septet 3 tiggerlion tiggerlion
New Nick Drake recordings 3 fabcab dogfacedboy
The Joy of Crate Digging (and a small ATM!) 26 Mocktudor Beany
Brunetti, Hole, Rebus, Marlowe, Wellander, Marple, Barnaby, Brodie, Maigret 72 Kaisfatdad harold holt
ATM. Drawing a line under it all. 51 softdog Jeff
Dylan in the 80s -some remarkable busyness 19 Junior Wells Junior Wells
But most of all, I remember The Road Warrior. The man we called "Max" 13 maggieloveshopey Zanti Misfit
This is lovely: Nick Drake via Kurt Elling, Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin... 0 Jeff Jeff
Podcast #12: It's The Crockcast! Putting the Crock Into Country Rock 18 dogfacedboy retropath2
A Study in Oratory 13 Vorgongod Twang
Re-discovering the yarragh - reflections on Van Morrison 54 johna_online Junior Wells
The Who - can they finally get a compilation right? 19 Colin H daff
Calling Admin, Calling Admin 9 Baron Harkonnen Baron Harkonnen
Recent(ish) horror films that are half decent 22 maggieloveshopey mikeyp40
Teenagers 17 Adman Moose the Mooche
Any electricians out there? 12 steerpike ablewalker
The first Yes album 8 niallb eddie g
Concert scarves 25 minibreakfast Moose the Mooche
Eels 0 badger21 badger21
Game Of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers 0 Adman Adman
What is the point of the 5 pence piece? 39 Uncle Wheaty RabTDog
Dyke: Blazers too old, too white 1 Campo sour crout
Ahoy, culture vultures. 5 niallb jorrox
Ugly guitars - an occasional series 2 ruff-diamond Fitter Stoke
Do ya think I'm sexy? 10 Beany Six Dog
A convenient excuse that renders any criticism racist in nature... 16 bricameron Black Celebration
Cambridge Claxon 11 retropath2 thecheshirecat
The Dame 64-85 2 sour crout Beany
Headline of the week 5 MC Escher Adman
More & more.. 4 Stephenig paulwright
Tonight's soundtrack 0 niallb niallb
Bad Sex Awards (Music Category) 27 ganglesprocket RubyBlue
Turn it up. 2 niallb Billybob Dylan
A TV Numbers Quiz 64 Sewer Robot milkybarnick
Tom Waits - Downtown Train 2 SimonL retropath2
Ice Cream 58 badartdog davebigpicture
Canned Heat 4 SteveT Junior Wells
David Van Day - time for a reappraisal? 15 Colin H JohnH
Bundesliga Klaxon 15 Fatima XBerg Freddy Steady
Braces in popular culture 27 Black Celebration Black Celebration
TFI Friday - nearly 9 niallb niallb
9k For a record shop anyone? 3 stevegc MyAmericanMate
Oh them deadly Finns 7 Beany Finisterre59
Tiempo Libre 0 Alias Alias
This evening, with some very cold Peroni Nastro Azzurros, 13 Vulpes Vulpes Stephenig
The joys of self employment 23 Vim Fuego yorkio
Kenny Everett – The World's Worst Record Show 47 Brookster drneil
BABYMETAL 6 maggieloveshopey badartdog
The First Ten Recordings to Feature the Moog Modular Synthesizer 8 Mousey Vulpes Vulpes
What a fantastic track. 7 ablewalker stevegc
Calling the winner of the World Cup thingy. 7 Baron Harkonnen Hannah
Commonwealth Games opening ceremony 87 James Blast Moose the Mooche
Laurieston Alert! 4 James Blast LiveJasmin
Never really liked Everthing But The Girl 21 Rigid Digit duco01
Spare ticket for Sarah Jarosz Milton Keynes tomorrow 0 Twang Twang
What they say & what they mean... 47 Cobweb Steve Black Celebration
Good article on streaming services 8 Junior Wells Junior Wells
A bird shat on my head! 53 Moose the Mooche Junior Wells
Books about cinema and movie stars 42 rocker43 ablewalker
Didn't know I had that 26 SteveT Carl Parker
Who would we cast in the "The Archers" movie? 116 Twang salwarpe
John Oliver is awesome 17 bricameron Renkadima
Favourite Artists But You Will Not Buy All Their Albums 121 Lester The Nightfly daff
George Harrison irony and NME dumbfounds 25 dogfacedboy Moose the Mooche
Student loans - part of the next financial crisis? 3 BigJimBob madfox
It was 48 years ago today 7 Mousey jorrox
Linkedin - what is this guy's job? 20 Mousey Charlie Mingles
Like Leveson never happened 18 madfox madfox
Dead ringer story 0 aging hippy aging hippy
"My Life As Keith Moon" and other fun and free stuff from the New Yorker 3 Mousey Stephenig
Word Podcast klaxon 7 Michael JoLean
Dawes 12 Raymond Raymond
ATM Lyle Lovett 53 SimonL SteveT
Santana question 9 Junior Wells Junior Wells
Looking for Kate Bush Ticket - Saturday Sept. 6 show 0 grateful grateful
Podcast #11: NWOBHM & Heavy Bloody Metal, Okay?! 30 dogfacedboy Bingo Little
"It's a learning curve". 23 James Blast GCU Grey Area
Loadsa Glastonbury 2014 performances you may have missed 0 James Blast James Blast
Childish But Fun!! 12 Lester The Nightfly Moose the Mooche
Oh You Handsome Devil! 26 James Blast Pencilsqueezer
Scottish Referendum: The TV Show * 8 dogfacedboy homebaked
This is totally unnecessary guitar indulgence 6 johna_online johna_online
Lego beach, far away in time 8 madfox CliffRichards
Steven Gerrard Retires From England Duty 28 Jim Cain SteveT
Cook cooked? 33 geacher53 timtunes
Where are we going... 29 bricameron RabTDog
ATM - our resident axemen 27 Carl Parker attackdog
Jayhawks / Rockingbirds 3 kgb Paul Wad