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The Capaldi Conundrum (clip NSFW) 1 chubbylittleloser RubyBlue
ATM Upgrade to Windows 8.1 failure 1 luxexterior Burt Kocain
What's Gaelic for 'enough, already'? 9 Raymond WarwickHunt
Why do you like rock music? 10 Uncle Wheaty chrisf
Peter Quill’s awesome, anachronistic, intergalactic, Walkman mixtape 7 Kaisfatdad Sniffity
Mark Lewisohn Tune In 3 Blue Boy Blue Boy
Kate Bush speaks....and has a request 45 dogfacedboy Morrison
Good for Kate 7 dai Junior Wells
Raevennan Husbandes 0 dogfacedboy dogfacedboy
Irish Piping a-go-go... 6 Colin H Colin H
Google fun 12 minibreakfast minibreakfast
Best One-liner 23 timtunes paulwright
Massive angry owls in Wells Cathedral!! 6 Jeff Moose the Mooche
So who, currently, are the best band in the world? 50 aging hippy Pat Carty
Blast from the past 5 jackthebiscuit Bamber
Let's talk about our cats 14 Mousey Moose the Mooche
TV Shows that aren't as good as you remember 112 Hawkfall FauxGeordie
Great Non-Sequiturs in Pop 20 Moose the Mooche minibreakfast
ATM - tablet pc connectivity - WLAN? 8 salwarpe Brookster
Mild Green Fairy Liquid. Or not.. 38 YankeeHotelFoxtrot paulwright
The Green Men and of course Women 7 Nogbad niallb
Forfar 5, East Fife 4...* 0 DougieJ DougieJ
Plush 1 Thedude timtunes
Bedtime Stories with Guy Garvey 4 ganglesprocket badartdog
There goes my childhood 4 FBW Charlie Gordon
BBC reports suffers attack of amnesiac outrage 22 slick LiveJasmin
Opeth - Pale Communion. 10 Beany James Blast
Email of the day 11 minibreakfast timtunes
A thing of great beauty. 24 jackthebiscuit Mike Hull
Podcast #15: Rachel Talalay Interview #keepmespoilerfree 1 dogfacedboy dogfacedboy
Spotted any crap merchandise recently? 6 Brookster Moose the Mooche
I want to be known as Loretta. 3 YankeeHotelFoxtrot badartdog
Gmail for business 17 davebigpicture Brookster
Chrissie Hynde & Neil Young - Down the Wrong Way 3 minibreakfast Mikemusic
Blogging 27 Twang Skirky
Here's a thing (Beatles related) 0 softdog softdog
Veni Vidi Vespa! 27 Kaisfatdad Kaisfatdad
Dylan doing club show in Brisbane tix on sale Tuesday noon 7 Junior Wells Junior Wells
Rolling Stones - the Jeff Beck audition 11 Junior Wells YankeeHotelFoxtrot
Rediscovered Playlist 5 Curtis from Ohio Curtis from Ohio
An interesting Beatles story 4 badartdog eddie g
ATM: Beatles covers album 24 minibreakfast minibreakfast
Riviere Ouvre Ton Lit - Johnny Halliday's lost masterpiece? 1 Vincent YankeeHotelFoxtrot
Krautrock for Dummkopfs 3 ip33 YankeeHotelFoxtrot
Results... 10 mensi Lando Cakes
This Is Just Wrong 20 Beany Baron Counterpane
Animals 2 RubyBlue RubyBlue
Mid life crisis in reverse 4 Vim Fuego mikethep
Drunken Mayhem Klaxon: The Great Drought Ends 15 Moose the Mooche Moose the Mooche
Famous advert songs of the 90s 20 Chimney Singing... milkybarnick
Washburn guitars... 3 mick50s Fatmanjez
Owl John 3 bricameron bricameron
Ok Bert, it's getting stupid now 6 James Blast James Blast
Back in Flesh 9 James Blast James Blast
Think you're a singer, eh? 4 niallb thecheshirecat
Rainy Days And Mondays 3 niallb RubyBlue
Home brew. 15 DougieJ moseleymoles
Awful bands named after brilliant people 17 dogfacedboy Retro Man
Killing Joke 11 maggieloveshopey Michael
Very obscure instruments in popular music 81 Brookster thecheshirecat
hold the (parish mag) front page! 5 fentonsteve fentonsteve
Cheese 74 Rigid Digit Rigid Digit
Faux Geordie: time for a reappraisal? (at Crown Posada, Newcastle, Sept 8th) 29 Colin H Colin H
Jay Adams RIP 6 Sting Ono sour crout
Manchester United 1 - Swansea 2 15 jackthebiscuit FauxGeordie
21st Century Big Band Music 1 Mike_H Curtis from Ohio
ATM: Help! I'm computer illiterate! 27 Locust Locust
Fave Tunes 8 makem.ken RubyBlue
Demis Roussos: time for a reappraisal? 24 Colin H Beany
David Hepworth 20 John Medd Moose the Mooche
Longmire (an Originals mix-kind of) 1 sour crout sour crout
Blokes know best about music - or not 14 Mousey RubyBlue
ATM. Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen. 9 Pencilsqueezer Vince Black
For the sake of balance...Boycott Amazon 56 Dr Volume FauxGeordie
Anyone Want A Ticket For Tuesday's A Word In Yr Ear? 9 Simon Love Kaisfatdad
Comfort. 15 niallb niallb
Anderson Ponty Band 4 bargepole bargepole
Led Zeppelin - more reissues announced 5 ruff-diamond Six Dog
An Apple conspiracy? 3 Guffster Guffster
Good. 3 niallb niallb
30 Rock - Complete Season 1-7 Box Set = £27. 0 LOUDspeaker LOUDspeaker
eMusic Suggestions 23 Leedsboy LOUDspeaker
Nick Cave: 20,000 Days On Earth 0 fabcab fabcab
Your Music Library 25 David Wright Mikemusic
Kate Bush doc, next Friday BBC4 5 minibreakfast RubyBlue
Bob's Oz tour -the first show 9 Junior Wells Junior Wells
Now you're not trendy I like you 7 moseleymoles andielou
How to Build a Girl 2 Dogbyte minibreakfast
New old Mahavishnu - hurrah! 10 Colin H Colin H
Exercise 23 chrisf sitheref2409
Anoraks on boys! (and girls, of course...) 6 el toro calvo grande sour crout
Ephemera 8 Vent My Spleen RabTDog
Film remakes \ reboots podcast participation request 16 dogfacedboy Brookster
Sir Cliff Richard's home searched by police... 42 jackthebiscuit slotbadger
I may be mad, I may be blind, I may be viciously unkind 10 attackdog slick
The google your name game 63 badartdog mikethep
Hall and Oates 11 Twang Twang
Oi McLaughlin !!! THIS is fusion. 2 sour crout Moose the Mooche
Check Your Head 4 Poppy Succeeds jezk
Radio Birdman fly again 1 Junior Wells Junior Wells