Dutch Uncles – O Shudder

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What does it sound like?:

This is the fourth LP from Marple’s finest Dutch Uncles. I caught a support slot from them a few years ago when they were promoting their debut and was immediately grabbed by their strangeness and charm. It’s hard to pin down what they do, best way I can describe it is a mixture of angular indie, a jauntier take on the sort of sophisticated pop the likes of Talk Talk, late period XTC and Blue Nile did in the 1980s, a Kate Bush approach to melodic leaps and twists and just a dash of the less noodly side of prog rock. This record is more electronic than previously, the guitars take a back seat to synths which recall 80 movie sountrack tropes albiet offset by a lush sounding string section. There is, on first listen, a certain lack of instant hooks, however there are melodies and refrains that creep up on your with repeated listens which is the mark of an album you’ll want to revisit again to reveal its charms.

What does it all *mean*?

If you’re not familiar with the band, some may find the fey, warbling vocals and some of the 80s production values a little off-putting. However this is very much a grower, in every sense, stick with it and if you get chance to see the band throwing some shapes (which they do) you should.

Goes well with…

If you like this well worth working back through their previous three albums.

Might suit people who like…

Kate Bush, Wild Beasts, Field Music, XTC, Talk Talk, Everything Everything.


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