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While the site is built and maintained by volunteers, we do have server hosting costs to cover, and as the site’s grown in popularity over the years, the hosting costs have also risen.

There is no obligation to donate and we recognise that not everyone is in a position to donate right now. We don’t have a suggested donation as this is entirely at your discretion. There is no right or wrong amount; we appreciate anything you are able to spare.

So, if you would like to contribute to our running costs, please click the Donate button below. You don’t need a Paypal account to do this.

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P.S. we can’t thank you all personally when you donate but if you do decide to donate, thank you very much!

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        Thanks for the feedback, that used to be the case on the old site but we’ve just upgraded to a “donate” button so the options must have changed. I’ll update the page accordingly.

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    I’m more than happy to re-invest some of the considerable amount I have saved over the last three months by being unable to follow up on Afterword music and cultural reviews. My music collection over the last four or five years has been almost entirely influenced by Word / Afterword threads and my rule of thumb is generally that if two or more Afterworders like a film, book, TV show or play I’ll probably like it too.

    The new place is off to a great start, reminiscent of the old Word world, with a strong focus on music and less of the in-jokey catchphrasey mateyness of recent years. So far (touch wood) no pantomime politics either. Well done to all involved in the rebuild.

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