Well? Come on then, tell us, how did it go?

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Who got extravagantly pissed? Who played a total blinder? What CDs were swapped? What books were offered only to be roundly mocked? Where are the compromising photos? I'm sure I'm not the only one who couldn't make it, who wonders if it was a blast or a balls-up.

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And if so, it was very nice indeed thank you. I made a porter cake, there was lots of splendid chatting to be had, and I thoroughly embarrassed myself while talking to Carl Parker. He was very gentlemanly about it though. Picked up some good haul on the booty table too.

were about twenty of us I think?

Is this a modern variation of car-keys-in-a-bowl?

I'm not saying any more though. What happens at mingles, stays at mingles.

but still snaffled 3 CDs from the swap table.
"Goodnight Ginger" by John McCusker. Mohican-ed folky fiddler. Already had a dodgy download of this, so now I'm legit.
"Leaving Songs" by Stuart A. Staples. Interesting cover art intrigued me. Tindersticks bloke, apparently.
"Isam" (2-CD version) by Amon Tobin. Cover art again. Electronica is one of the musical avenues I'm wandering lately.

Hannah's cake was up to her usual standard and I had some good conversation.

thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I heard tales of penis beakers and even found out that JoLean has a special bag that she carries with her just for her spare shoes. They are bit posh in that there London you know.Lovely night and Hannah's cake was a sensation.

* El Toro isn't really a Brummie just an adopted one.

...the fuss over a shoe bag. Doesn't everyone have one?

They don't? Oh.

I too am from Birmingham. We only just stopped wearing flares up here. We know nothing of shoe bags, flat whites, and the things that people in That London do. Perhaps in 20 years we will be ready.

Is that the stuff you buy in an enormous tub with a wire handle from Homebase, with a three quid pack of cheap brushes, to cover all the mould and crayon scribbles when you move into a new shoe-box above a kebab shop? I think I've still got a vat of that in the garage somewhere.

I upset someone on the Guardian website recently by suggesting that their pop-up coffee shop only sold flat whites to people wearing red trousers, and I wondered if it was just a trendy name for "milky coffee". I think you could probably sell Homebase paint to some of these twerps and get them to drink it if the packaging was right.

Why wasn't I told ?

I was only there for a short time, as I happened to be passing through and had a while to wait for my train. I was made to fell very welcome, and had some chats about all manner of things. I'll definitely make the time to attend properly in the future.

Who blagged No Parlez?

as it was not in the leftovers

Someone snagged the lesbo erotica as well which stayed on the table til very late. I put this down to the non attendance of Mr Law

Oh and can I have the cake recipe, H? Unless you left it in the rain etc.

Perhaps that copy of No Parlez will assume the role of one of those Christmas cards that some families send to each other every year, backwards and forwards.

that boomeranged for a good number of mingles will resurface some day

Alas, these are American pants, not English pants, sadly.

of No Parlez if anyone wants them.
Plus a couple of spare copies of Boney M - Night Flight To Venus and the Bee Gees - Spirits Having Flown.
Having scoured the charity shops of southern England, I know how hard these are to come by, so if anyone is interested in owning either of these scarce items ...

Ace album.

later on. I never knew I had so much of their stuff on my i-pod

I was shocked. The mini-marathon was partly my fault; the Rasputin book (tempting, but > 700 pages is too much) triggered a discussion of the plethora of Best Of CDs - remixes, new vocals etc. I got a Sigur Ros CD (the () one) which I like already, a book on JFK and the Vicar of Dibley DVD. A pity to miss those who couldn't make it, and sadly I can't make Nov 29th, as will be in Northampton in the company of HMHB.

I will bring it to the next mingle. It's really not very good.

Much chat was had, much beer was drunk, several remembered me from my only previous appearance years ago (which was nice, especially as I couldn't remember most of them!). I snaffled an Ian McNabb CD and a book on Lord Haw Haw.....

Drakey insisted on poring over the eclectic mix of CD's I'd purchased during the day, with little comment so she must have thought they were shit, before she lolloped off for her train.

The pub was great. Despite being rammed downstairs service was good and the staff friendly. SteveT and I were literally the last punters out of the door, shut and bolted behind us as we weaved our way back to Goodge Street Tube. Turned out to be a late one as Mr T insisted on a nightcap once we got back to our hotel in Stratford, so finally got to bed at 1.30am (separate rooms, naturally).

Apologies to those I didn't get to speak to.....maybe next time.

Was the no show by Mr Law. A tree.........some excuse!

Was looking forward to his rendition of Seven Screaming Disbusters.......

Oh well. 29/11 it is, then..

and good to catch up with some of the regulars. El Toro and Steve T were exceedingly good value for their wit and effervescence and hopefully the time Mavis Diles spent with us was a good antidote to what appeared a particularly testing day. Good cake too (obviously).

I managed to snaffle a nine disc Alien box set, a couple of James Ellroy novels and CDs by Beta Band and Villagers.

Roll on the next.

There are times when The Three EPs is my favourite album. It's the britpop Atom Heart Mother.

PP, you're right, I had a hard day, but it was great to let off steam with you all.

Hope you come to another!

Sorry to have missed you, too!

In our pre mingle shopping excursion we went to Sister Rays and the Beta Band 6 cd set was in the window for £19.99. I was gonna buy it and just remembered now. Instead I bought a 2cd Trojan MOD collection which I already have - something to give away at next mingle. Still the rest of the booty was very good.

I was doing a shelf clear (moving flat soon, trying to be all dead strict).

I did not snaffle No Parlez though I did grab that Pogues book and The Cry Of Love which is on right now (On a first listen it's kind of average, I guess even Jimi didn't just make classics then...)

but doesn't it have Angel on it/

Post humous wasn't it- the first of many .

Marvellous to see you all there.

I had my usual lovely time, catching up with old friends and meeting new. On the subject of the Lesbian fiction, we had a little sweepstake going on who would eventually snaffle it. Whoever took it was cleverer than I and spirited it away under the cover of the Boney M danceathon.

To el toro and Steve, good to catch up again. A different XTC t-shirt next time?

See you all on the 29th Nov? I'll be wearing a Santa hat.

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