The Name of the Band is the name of the Song.

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Bad Company.

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Black Sabbath
The Associate(s)
Iron Maiden

The best single ever released by anyone, ever. Anyone who disagrees is a fool, a liar, or both.

I actually prefer the Hawkwind version that Lemmy did before leaving to form the mighty Head. Just saying.

Wilco (The Band)
Wilco (The Album)
Wilco (The Song)

.... will love you baby! God they're good

Wilco (The Tour)

to any pointer out person that points out that my first band is as much a company as my second.

Radio Stars
Ramones R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

(disclamer: might contain less than 1% Banjo)

Talk Talk

Madness - Madness

Motorhead - R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Two for one - `The Beatles and The Stones` by the House Of Love

the Ramones covered it.
It's on ¡Adios Amigos! as a bonus track-

by G Numan?

Stiff Little Fingers

with your name you would be expected to get both of those.

named after the Australian band.

The Song Remains The Same


Is the name of a different album by the same band:
Starless and Bible Black - King Crimson

where XTC name their albums after a lyric on the previous album.

In part 2 of "Ommadawn", Mike Oldfield mentions the name of his previous album, "Hergest Ridge".

"So if you you feel a little glum
To Hergest Ridge you should come..."

by Elvis Costello - song on Imperial Bedroom and a separate album.

Song on first Eurythmics album. Title of their sixth album.

Nightlife: Pet Shop Boys album and b-side.

= disembodied title tracks. Can't find it on Wayback Machine, alas.

4th Sep 2011, if anyone can be arsed.

hank williams.(i am eating pasta with the other hand)

Be Giants

Beat that!

Desmond Ruction was the singer. Can't remember the date.

for the continental folk dance chapel of the Afterword,
which would be me.

seeing them in November, after more years than I care to think.

Will this count as a mingle? I will be the big bloke in the kilt, permanently on the dancefloor.

If it's a mingle, there has to be cake.

Alas my knees are bad and strutting my stuff is a thing of the past, well I may just do if the mood takes me.
Holmfirth-agogo it is. See you there Chesh.

I wasn't asking.

I once got chucked out of the Holmfirth folk festival along with lots of morris men for being too rowdy (and presumably very annoying to everyone else. We were very young/stupid/irritating/drunk.)

No band that I really like has released a song that is also the name of the band. True story.

&, quite frankly, Fire? And Kool & The Gang? Black Celebration indeed.

But I have never bought their records. I'm not going to, either. Actually, Cherish is a dreadful record and Celebration reminds me too much of grim wedding discos and work dos.

Top funking from 1973 - as used in Pulp Fiction's opening credits...

is also recommended for anyone DJing a wedding reception. Creates laughter and offence in roughly equal measure.
The very early albums of K&TG and EW&F are much more interesting than their later successful pop incarnations might indicate. I'd guess early EW&F in particular would appeal to a few jazz fusioneers in these here parts.

by Deep Forest. From the album "Deep Forest".

Said track is possibly the most danceable piece of music i have ever heard - and this comes from someone who cannot dance to save his life.

Jimmy Webb - P. F. Sloan
Pulp - Bob Lind (The Only Way Is Down)
Tame Impala - Led Zeppelin

Faron Young

When Smokie sings - a tribute to the Living Next Door to Alice hit makers.

From the album, er, Kool Moe Dee.

(It's rubbish)


"Pet Shop Boys" - the early track with Bobby O.

We Are The Cheeky Girls by The Cheeky Girls.

We're The Monkees

make mention of the leader of The Jam in Summer Nights

*thanks to DLT ** (Dave Lettuce & Tomato) for the mangling of the name
** are we still allowed to mention his name in public (guilty, until proven innocent?)

covered Dr Feelgood

The Blues Band

and this.... kind of

by Todd Rundgren's Utopia (sometimes called Utopia Theme depending on which pressing you have). That almost counts.

What about '60s psych-folk hero Skip Spence's song 'All Come To Meet Her'? - wasn't that covered in the '70s by the Japanese composer of electronic mu [you're banned - Ed]

did the song "Daddy Cool"; and that same song, sung by a different band, replaced Daddy Cool's "Eagle Rock" at No. 1.

Confusing, huh?

And then
Even better than the real thing by U2

- The aforementioned Daddy Cool, original song by the Diamonds

- Death Cab For Cutie (after a song by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band)

- Powderfinger (Australian band named after song by Neil Young)

- Zabadak (Japanese band named after the song by Dave Dee, Dozy etc.)

Tribute bands like The Musical Box don't count, I shouldn't think.

There are probably a lot more bands named after songs, than songs named after artists.

Deep Purple.

It was Richie's gran's favorite song.

named themselves after their own song and album of that name, which they had released earlier when the band was still known as Flowers. They had to rename the band because someone else had a band called Flowers. Icehouse is a much better name for a band, IMO.


or is that just the name of a band?

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