Beatles - Love Me Do 7" - withdrawn at 11th hour

It seems today's 50th anniv. release of the Fabs 'Love Me Do' on 7" vinyl was pulled at the very (and I mean VERY) last minute due to a mispressing. Wrong mix used or summat. Retailers asked to return all stock, but some escaped the net - now going for daft coinage on eBay. I had a copy reserved at my local vinyl emporium - wish I'd gone down to collect it early now....

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If I had pre-ordered it and bought it and found it was defective I would be annoyed. But if it was withdrawn, I really want it.

Not a criticism. Just enjoying the weirdness.

Album version used (Andy White on drums, Ringo on tambourine) rather than the intended first-pressing single version (Ringo on stick-duty)

Isn't the tape of the Ringo version lost and the Past Masters release was taken from a vinyl source? The Pete Best version on Anthology just shows how right Ringo was for the HJH.

The master tape is lost for the single version of Love Me Do with Ringo on drums and all CDs versions are now taken from a mint vinyl original single.

Oh, no it isn't.

Panic over.

But actually it is the 50th anniversary of the Alan White version being released

Initial copies of the single featured the Ringo version, whilst the Andy White version appeared on the album.

At some point (around 1964, if I recall correctly) the Andy White version appeared on the single too. It was also the version issued elsewhere in the world.

The master tape of the Ringo version no longer exists, and may have disappeared by the time the album was released. A few other Beatles masters are lost, including the multi-tracks of She Loves You - hence the fact that there's never been a true stereo release of that track.



"Hello it's Ian Parlophone here, you know that box of Beatles 7"s we sent you?, well we've withdrawn it so now they're an instant rarity and will be worth a small fortune in a few years time, but could you return them all to us please?"


They`re worth a small fortune now, if you get a copy for £50 you will probably double your money reselling it.

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