Anyone else with a bucket list?

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I turn 50 in a few weeks and I wanted to do something memorable to mark the occasion so decided to fulfill a long term ambition and play golf in Nepal.

Then, while I am still young enough to do so, I intend to play golf on every continent. I've already played in Asia and Australia and plan to play at some point Spain, Alaska, Argentina and Egypt (I'll allow myself a pass for Antarctica) just places that interest me and have good golf courses as well.

My real ultimate goal though is to play in North Korea on the same course Kim Jong-il set his mindboggling world record of 38 under par and see if I can break that score. I'm quite an adept cheat (I have much experience)so I could give it a red hot go.

At this tournament here foreigners are welcome.
Where's Fraser when you need him? I'm sure he could fill me in about visiting the country.

Anyway I told someone my intentions and he said, "You're compiling a Bucket List" and it dawned on me that I was.

This is the place that sparked my own bucket list. The Himalayan Golf Course in Pokhara Nepal I took one look at it and thought "I must play there."

Anyone else planning something before you join the choir invisible?

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Here's my list of stuff I intend to do (and my progress so far)

1) Ride in a paternoster lift (did that this year, fab fun*)
2) Work for the BBC (done)
3) Write a book (done, it's being published next year, all being well)
4) Ride a tandem (not done yet)
5) See the Northern Lights (not done yet)
6) As mentioned on the old board, there is a number 6 but it's top secret. Still working on that one.

*I did have a video of me on the paternoster, giggling with delight, but blessed if I can find it now.

that riding a tandem isn't all that much fun? But don't let me put you off...and goood luck with the book.

I've just had it in my head for years that I'd like to ride one. I can rather imagine they're a bit uncomfortable. But I'd still like to do it anyway. Similarly, I ate a pickled egg recently being a bit sure I wasn't going to enjoy it. And I didn't. But I'm glad I did it, if that makes sense.

Thanks! It's not quite my book entirely, I'm ghostwriting it for a client. I've really enjoyed writing it.

I think I know what that is. I have a helicopter and speedboat ready and waiting for when the box of Milk Tray mysteriously appears on your bedside table. *winks*

:-D I'll have the root beer waiting on ice for your arrival.

Got a new variety for the next Mingle.

...I was standing in the queue in the chippie the other night, wondering who the hell eats pickled eggs. I don't think I've ever seen anybody actually buy one.

I gave up No.6 years ago. Terrible fags.

He loves them. As for me, never again.

I've started implanting subliminal messages in my friend Paola's brain with regards going to see them. These usually take the following form: "Hey Paola, do you fancy going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights?"

I'll come with you. As long as you promise not to make me listen to Supertramp en route.

Hannah is it the home address of the guy from Flight of the Concords :)
I thought you would have gotten that already!

Yeah, #6 is actually becoming Mrs Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. One day, he'll realise we're meant to be together. One day. ;-)

I've lived in Sweden for 23½ years, and I still haven't ticked that No.5 off my list!

I bought a whole box of crisps. 48 bags. All at once. I've seen dolphins many times, and they've usually been crap. But taking home a retail box of salt and shake, that my friend is living.

From my iPod:

Bucket T - The Who
Buckets Of Rain – Bob Dylan
Long Shot Kick De Bucket – The Pioneers
My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It – Hank Williams
Shouting In A Bucket Blues – Kevin Ayres
There’s A Hole In The Bucket – Harry Belafonte & Odetta
Gutbucket – The Liberty records sampler LP from 1969

I want to spend my elder and final years in my beloved New Orleans listening to music like Eddie Bo.

1. Relax
2. Enjoy life
3. Don't get involved in aspirational box-ticking exercises

Live 'til I die. Im quietly confident that I'll achieve it.

Visit these places...

2013 - 30th anniversary Tokyo Disneyland
2014 - opening of Shanghai Disneyland
2015 - 60th anniversary of Disneyland (and me)

Which makes it even more imperative I get my blasted kidney stones, er, blasted, as I am not covered on my travel insurance until I do.

I refuse to discuss the idea that I might not be immortal.

mine is a list of "Stuff I Intend to Do" as opposed to "Stuff I Intend to Do Before I Die".


1) Have enough money to eat next week.
2) Have enough money to eat the week after next.
3) Have some sort of shelter from the storm when The Hovel is sold.
4) Hope & prey that the current spate of commissioned paintings continues. (See 1 & 2)
5) Have a cheap night out sometime before this time next year.
6) Have one week where my wonderful wife is not in pain.
Problem is my bucket seems to have sprung multiple leeks.
*puts Kate Rusby on, picks up brush and thinks sod it*

I feel for your missus, I really do. I suffer from chronic pain and the hopelessness it can make you feel is just horrid. To add er, injury to injury, yesterday I managed to slam my foot against the sofa and although I don't think my toe is broken it has made my weekend that much harder. When I win the lottery you guys will be at the top of my list. Then perhaps a nice box set.

sends her best wishes and hopes for a pain free future for you.
She's also told me to try to be more positive about our plight or she'll give me a Chinese Burn. I wish I could but I know how precarious our situation really is, I protect her from the slings and arrows, after all she's got enough on her plate as it is.
I really thought our lives couldn't be more difficult when I was caring for the Aged P but frankly since my dear old Mum died life has gone into a fatal tailspin. We are literally clinging on by our fingertips now.

broken after all, yikes!

Wish you better, mini-b!

I'm now in possession of the family crutches (we're a clumsy lot) and they're helping a loads. Did I imagine it or did you bust your toe recently?

and spent the best part of a month hobbling around.

It's much better now thank you!!

......pales into insignificance really -head up P.
To manage to get GLW to position where she thinks of herself like I,and everybody else,does would be nice......

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. I had an operation and spent a few weeks at home recovering and generally feeling sorry for myself. During that time one of my mates gave me a DVD to watch - yes, it was the Bucket List! Mates eh? My experience actually taught me not to make such lists. The divide between everything being ok and NOT ok is wafer thin. Make out of each day all that you can. Love life..

Is why up arrows were so handy, sometimes.

and now realize that it comes from a film. Said film was described on Wikipedia as a "dramedy". I hope it is an exceptionally long time before I read or hear that linguistic abomination again.

More and more of these terms are creeping into everyday use. Never heard 'dramedy' before, and frankly (like yourself) don't want to again.
In my opinion, people who continually use this type of lazy english are just custards

∆ ∆ ∆

It comes from "kicked the bucket", it seems.

For a long time I thought it was something to do with those shops that sold cheap airline tickets in the pre-internet 70s & 80s. They were called "bucket shops" I think.

I assumed from the OP that it was linked to bucket shops as well (probably due to the travel theme of the OP). I had to look it up too. I think the whole idea is a bit odd. I know that everything I do, I'll do before I die. After that I won't care anyway. Why does anyone need to reference their own mortality in a list of things they want to do? did those bucket shops get their name?

for bucket & spade holidays maybe?


"The term bucket shop originated in the 19th century as a name for cheap drinking establishments, so called because the liquor was mixed and dispensed in buckets or pails. It later came to include overly aggressive stock- brokerage houses that operated on the edge of the law.

While there have been tales of financial problems or unscrupulous activity on the part of a few travel bucket shops, many have contented customers and good track records."

Although the derivation is a little esoteric when applied to a travel agent, I think.

I assumed it was just a bit of alliteration along the lines of the Bargain Bin in record shops. I accept that I'm probably wrong though!

As soon as I saw the title of this thread I thought of a brilliant sketch by m'colleagues...

We dont have an official list but rather a loose idea of things we plan to do.
Currently our targets are:-

Hot air ballon ride (Did gliding this year)
Walk to top of Snowdon (Did as a youngster, want to do with daughter)
London Eye
Drive the Pan American Highway (From Alaska to Patagonia) - this one is for when we retire.
Visit Les Manoir aux Quatre Saisons.
Trans Siberian Railway.

However reading Mr and Mrs Squeezers plight all of the above seems pretty irrelevant and makes me feel a bit of a prat.

Oh Hannah, I have spent well earned money on 2 occasions to go and see Northern Lights in Norway and Finland and failed both times. If you see them you are very lucky indeed.

to the London Eye (I got Merlin passes for the kids, as I take them to the London Aquarium a lot, and that's included). It's very lovely. When you make it down to London, give me a shout!

Oh no, sorry to hear the Northern Lights didn't happen for you! What a shame.

You don't need to travel that far North, the Lights were visible a few weeks ago in the Lake District.
You can subscribe to Lancaster Uni's e-mail alert service, to let you know when there's high solar activity or storms:

I was quite frustrated with the last one, as it happened on a weeknight. Someone I know took his tent up high on the fells and got a picture that looked positively Arctic. I'm hoping the next solar storm is better timed!

Amazing, thanks Keefus, the Lake District's a lot easier (and cheaper) to get to....

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