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The Stables, Milton Keynes.

Date: 27/04/2015

A setlist based around the wonderful new album, and then peppered with ‘the classics’ and some lesser known tracks, was right up my street. Josh and his 3-piece band were obviously in a good mood. They had walked into the little restaurant at the venue, ready for their pre-gig nosh, as Carole King’s Tapestry album played. Josh began singing his lyric from ‘1972.’
“She was feeling 1972
Grooving to a Carole King tune.”
I nearly fainted. He sat down opposite me, poured his water and caught me watching.
‘Hi.’ he said.
I think I did faint.… Read more

Bluddy hell, this is good!!!

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OK, so on the back of my gimme gimme depressing musics post, did some scouring around the nooks and crannies of youtube island, coming across this diamond, new to me.
Imagine the bastard child of Neil Young and Richard Thompson, the songs author, of course, coming over all Crazy Horse on this doomy opus.
If this is a representation of his calibre, I’m off to the dodgers right now

A couple of Australians are going to be shot dead tonight

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I don’t know if this is news in the UK or outside Australasia, it’s obviously headline news here in Australia and has been for some months. Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were the ringleaders of the so-called “Bali Nine”, nine misguided kids who got caught smuggling heroin in Bali 10 years ago, and were sentenced to death. After umpteen legal processes and pleas from the Australian government it looks like tonight they will be lined up and shot by a firing squad.

There are so many issues surrounding this case – the death penalty itself, the weakness of the newly elected Indonesian prime minister etc etc.… Read more

ATM: Nick Cave stage times

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I don’t know of anywhere else I could reasonably expect an answer to this question, except a fan forum and I don’t want to start to tread those murky waters. Has anyone been to one of Nick’s current gigs? I think he’s only done Glasgow and Edinburgh so far so the Scottish contingent are probably my best bet.

I’d like to know what time he’s coming on, roughly. I’m seeing him at Hammersmith on Saturday but I’m working in Earl’s Court until 9 so won’t get there until nigh on half past. Need to know whether I’ll miss so much of the gig to render it pointless and just sell the tickets on instead.… Read more

ATM Trip Hop/ Beatles Christmas

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Home today and tomorrow with my 12 year old, who broke her leg Sunday playing soccer. While she napped, I was reading Mark Adams’ book Meet Me In Atlantis, while playing a trip hop music channel on the TV as background music. Heard a song where, amidst the instrumental piece, the voices of John and George stated “And how old are you?”, “32”.
I recognized that bit of dialogue from one of the Beatles Christmas singles, but by the time I put on my glasses to see the name of the song, album, and artist, it was ending. The only thing that I thought I caught was the name of the artist, which appeared to say Octet/something or other.… Read more

I am so lucky.

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Flying solo, Monday night, Milton Keynes. I am in my 44th year of gig-going. I am up to many hundreds of gigs. A half-full Stables, for a gig by a Nashville singer-songwriter (yes, I know he’s not from Nashville. Yes, I know he lives in Spain.) just went into my Top 10, All Time. Plus, having a quiet meal in the gig’s lovely restaurant beforehand, he sat, 10 feet away, poured his water, caught my eye, and said “Hi.” I cannot tell you what his music, what HE means to me. So, to tell you that his band were great, his setlist was almost perfect (mostly on the hoof which, with 2 Spanish players in the band, is no mean feat.) well, as the song says, “Well, you people all know what he’s talking about.”
I shall post a review when I have stopped coming over all unnecessary.… Read more

The New Issue Of Barmcake Has Hit Cincinnati!

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My dear friend up Yorkshire way has once again been good enough to send me the latest issue of his magazine, Barmcake, “Northern entertainment for the middle aged”. It is my window into the life of Northern England, which I have been unable to get back to since the late 90’s.
This issue features lively articles on John Bramwell of I Am Kloot; The Record Cafe in Bradford; and a return to vinyl with the Glossop Record Club. If it is available where you are, you should most definitely pick one up.
My last trip to York featured a tour of the city walls, a ghost walk, and an exhibit of Chinese dinosaur skeletons at the local museum.… Read more

All Killer No Filler – Really? Play the Game Now

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There are few more abused phrases than ‘all killer no filler’. Too often it means four great singles, a couple of album tracks that aren’t too bad, and…well. So your nominations for albums without a single duff track. Not one. Here’s the rules:
Post the album title and track listing.
Post the weakest track on the album (so no posting Love Spreads from the Second Coming).
Here’s mine: Exodus by Bob Marley. Tracks:
“Natural Mystic” 3:28
“So Much Things to Say” 3:08
“The Heathen” 2:32
“Exodus” 7:40
“Jamming” 3:31
“Waiting in Vain” 4:16
“Turn Your Lights Down Low” 3:39
“Three Little Birds” 3:00
“One Love/People Get Ready

Weakest track: hit single and ear-worm botherer Three Little Birds which only has a nice ska shuffle-groove and a fat organ hook.… Read more

Flashes from the Blast Vinyl Archive #4

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Got the earth hum sorted out on the t/t so gave this a proper spin
SKIDS – Days in Europa
No second album syndrome here, side 1 starts with Animation, side 2 (Working for the) Yankee Dollar the bits in-between are ace and to my ears haven’t aged. ‘Nuff said.
Zappa/Mothers – Roxy and Elsewhere
First Frank album bought in seriousness. I had purchased Hot Rats on a trip to Menorca back in the early, early 70s because my cousin had it, wouldn’t let me hear it and the cover and name excited me, I tried to like it but still can’t.… Read more

The “moronic interrogative” and other abominations

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What a pleasure it was to spend the weekend in the UK and hear people unselfconsciously speaking English all around me. Not to mention listening to my fellow curmudgeons grumbling and getting apoplectic about how the language is going to the dogs.

During one such tirade I learnt a wonderful new expression: the moronic interrogative. It was coined by Rory McGrath and refers to the habit of having a rising tone at the end of a sentence as though you are asking a question. This is rather popular among the yoof who have, it is believed, picked it from Aussie soap operas.… Read more

Music You Can Argue With

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In the miserable 1970s, when many people had to make do with cashing a giro, cold porridge and a single-bar electric fire, The Fine Art Department at Leeds University encouraged its students to indulge in fierce debate. Right in the centre of a working-class northern city, the “fookin’ stewdents” lounged around in the Fenton pub, discussing Marxist theory and spending their grants on copious amounts of alcohol. The spirited arguments were often settled with a fight.

It was this environment that spawned The Mekons, Gang of Four and Delta 5. They thrived on friction, their music was a product of their ‘theory’ and their purpose was to be ‘ideologically sound’.… Read more

TOTP – fez or pith helmet Mr smash?

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Madness kick things off with Nightboat for Cairo. The band are equally split between fez, pith helmet or Arab headdress in costume choice – apart from someone who’s a sailor. Lots of nutty dancing. Repeat of Barbara Dickson singing January February. Dull dull dull. Which Dexys up next emphatically are not. Four-man horn section, De Niro caps and Kevin Rowland doing a 1000-year stare as if he can actually see the Wigan Casino in the far distance if he concentrates hard enough. Glossy new wave next from The Pretenders with Talk of the Town – in a cunning video that makes it almost appear that they are in the studio.… Read more

The Worst Play In The World. Ever.

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Back when I lived in Oxford, ooh, early ‘nineties my goodness how time flies, my then wife and I formed a party with a BBC radio broadcaster and his lovely illustrator partner. Yes, those were the agreeable circles we moved in back then. The occasion was the World Premiere of Sarah Miles’ play, which she wrote, directed and starred in, called Charlemagne, to debut at the prestigious Oxford Playhouse. Actually not, though – it was the annexe of the Oxford Playhouse, a converted fire station. A brave and intimate choice to launch an important dramatic work!

The audience was a small and select band of drama-enthusiasts like us who had blagged a free ticket.… Read more

Roli Seaboard keyboard

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This seems like an interesting approach. Something that seems blindingly obvious to someone as musically and mechanically uninformed and incompetent as me, at least from the sorts of computer keyboards you’re seeing from tablets and laptops. I’m almost surprised it didn’t already exist – a synth keyboard based on an continuous sequence of spatially and pressurely sensitive keys, bend the notes up, down and around….and some bloke from Dream Theater.
Article below… It’s like watching someone playing a Chapman stick, only made of rubber and sideways, more

Tales From The Tour Bus

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Did anyone else see this on BBC4? It’s on iPlayer.
Very entertaining but good grief, life in The Damned has taken its toll on Rat Scabies and Brian James. The first wave of rockers such as Marty Wilde look in much better shape although Rick Wakeman seemed to have swerved hair and makeup before going on camera. Nice to see Kim McAuliffe of Girlschool giving the female perspective. more

Audible books

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I have just finished Pete Townshend’s Who I Am and I quite enjoyed it. His voice is quite like that of the comedian Bob Mills – but older. He seems to genuinely amuse himself at times, which is quite endearing. Although he is self-effacing, there was a great Spinal Tap-esque bit where he talks about a theatre run that didn’t go as long as he’d have hoped. He says, genuinely, “in the end, it didn’t get the audience it deserved…”

I listen to audible books via smartphone in the car and I have at least an hour and a half every working day.… Read more

Prog Alert…

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A couple of years ago, I was tipped off about an Oxford-based prog band called Sanguine Hum. I bought the two albums then available, and thought they were pretty good, though unable to resist the usual “not as good as those golden-age prog bands” caveat. However, Sanguine Hum have recently released their third album, and it’s a corker. Whether you’re a prog fan from those far off days of the early 70s, or a nu-prog youngster, I strongly urge you to check out their double-CD behemoth, “Now We Have Light”. Not just a prog album, but a prog CONCEPT album, by golly!… Read more