You’re What? First Person Songs

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At the end of a Members compilation I was listening to yesterday is a cover of this remarkable song, in which Mr Wallis sustains a first-person narration throughout the song from the point of view of a ‘police car’ – with a shotgun under his seat and a v8 heart. It’s the song KITT never sung.

Your first-person narration songs, as bonkers as possible. Teacups, drumkits, loft extensions, pandas and dodgy builders. Crazy narrator points of view please.

No metaphors or similes though. You are not ‘like a motherless child’. You are a motherless child. In this thread anyway.

What music video captures the weekend you’re hoping for?

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I posted a tentative hello last night, and am so pleased that so many of you responded. Seems a lovely place. My initial impression is that this board is a bit like this video. Or perhaps I’m just hoping it is. If I’m wrong, then I hope instead your coming weekend is a bit like this video. Or what music video would capture the weekend you’re hoping for instead…?

The Princeton Review tries to stitch up Taylor but is not swift enough

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The grammar snobs at the Princeton Review have been really hoist by their own petard. They tried to ridicule Taylor Swift but couldn’t even get her lyrics right. The sassy Ms Swift rapidly put those fuddy duddy grammarians in their place.

Unbelievable. There was a section in their test paper called “Grammar in Real Life” which read:

“Pop lyrics are a great source of bad grammar. See if you can find the error in each of the following.”

Who ever went to pop songs as a source of correct grammar anyway?

Professor Lemmy’s seminar on the use of the subjunctive?… Read more

“I wanted a mission and, for my sins, they gave me one.”

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Mrs Biggles and I are off to Vietnam at the weekend. We’re taking in Hanoi, Hue and Ho-Chi Min.

We are also spending some time in the Mekong Delta – not quite in malaria territory (hopefully!).

Is it worth looking out for Burt? Is there anyone else we may come across from these parts? Anything to be included on our tour itinerary that is deemed essential?

Thank you.… Read more

Time for a why-oh-why thread, I think

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You know how it is, you have all these unanswered questions floating about in your head, so I thought I’d round a few up and chuck them out there. Some of these may have involved actual decisions being taken in actual meetings, which is a weird thought.
1: why oh why did anybody think that anybody actually cared whether their chips were hand cut or not?
2: what exactly is the combination of smells that makes Subway smell disgusting in exactly the same way all over the world? There’s an underground bus garage in the middle of Brisbane, a pretty malodorous place as you might imagine, yet the strongest smell that greets you when you get off a bus is the Subway.… Read more

Consecutive Compendium of Culture – Gimme Gimme Gimme great grooves, grand graphics, glorious glimpses of the gogglebox

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Going forward (I know) to the next letter in the alphabet, please give generously to the glossary of good taste (?) in music, film, art, books, etc of any cultural goodies beginning with ‘g’.

Getting things started, here’s a guitarist by Gauguin:

and Ghost Town:

You dancing? I’m asking

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Hello. So is there a particular dance step one does to get onto the floor here? Should I talk about my favourite old band (the later Talk Talk) or my favourite newer one (the Knife)? Do I launch into a riff about my favourite actor (the early Mickey Rourke) or actress (Eva Green or Rita Hayworth. You think there are other choices? No). Are favourite writers the best way in these days (Genet, Ballard, Toni Morrison, Neil Gaiman)? Please tell me it’s not all about favourite biscuits. I’ve only just got here, after all, and it’d be a shame to leave without a quick spin around the floor.… Read more

Cathal Smyth

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First track (You’re Not Alone) from solo album due in May

First impressions:
There’s a touch of the Steve Harley about the voice
The “der der der der” middle bit is vaguely recognisable from somewhere, but I’m bu**ered if I can place it.

Interest has been piqued enough to take a punt on the album when released, especially now I have heard the first single (see below)

Electric Cars

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The FPO and I have finally decided to trade in our 2002 Toyota RAV4 as a second car and we are going green.

We will be buying a top spec Nissan Leaf that we will hope to keep for another 13 years.

Does anyone here have experience of electric cars and their practicality. This car will be used for the school run, trips to the supermarket etc. so is an ideal choice I think.… Read more

Her, Herself, She: A Night Out with Joan Armatrading

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Town Hall Birmingham

Date: 25/03/2015

So which Joan do you want? Delicate singer-songwriter? Tick? Confident popstar? Tick Agressive blues shredder? Again, um, tick. So a show of parts, all mixed and melded, with Joan alone on stage, 3 guitars, and a keyboard. Occasional backing tracks were to used, a screen told us, which later, as is the vogue, projected appropriate images to the songs, a bit like the OGWT videos of yore.
Self-deprecating from the start, making cracks about (her) age and (deteriorating) memory, she was keen to remind how long she has been in the limelight, kicking off with a song from her first LP, from all of 1973, strumming gently on her beloved blue guitar.… Read more

Ooh! Ooh! my fave ELP has had a make-over

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A 2015 deluxe 2cd/1dvd-a reissue of ELP’s 1972 opus Trilogy. Includes remastered audio, all-new hi-res stereo mixes, 5.1 mixes and a previously unheard version of From The Beginning. The new stereo and 5.1 mixes come courtesy of King Crimson’s Jakko Jakszyk.

Presented in a digipak, including a 16 page booklet with new liner notes and photos.

Pre-order for April 27th release.

or are we just buying it again? more

The Jeremy Vyle Show Drinking Game

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any woman with a facial piercing – 1 drink per piercing
any man with a facial piercing – 2 drinks per piercing
any woman with a a tattooed arm – 1 drink per arm
any man with a a tattooed arm – miss a drink per arm
any woman with a a tattooed wrist – 1 drink per wrist
any man with a a tattooed wrist – miss 1 drink per wrist
any woman with a a tattooed neck – 2 drinks
any man with a a tattooed neck – miss a drink
if any ‘guest’ says “at the end of the day” -1 drink
if Jeremy says “at the end of the day” – miss a drink
if Jeremy says “with the greatest respect” -1 drink
if Jeremy says “I stand by these results 1,000,000,000%” -1 drink
if any ‘guest’ says “150%” -2 drinks
if any one says “full house” – miss a drink
if Jeremy says “give ‘em a round of applause” – miss a drink
if Jeremy says “you go that way, you go that way” – miss a drink
if any ‘guest’ says “’cause I was telling the truth” but wasn’t – miss a drink
if any ‘guest’ says “’cause I was telling the truth” and they were – 2 drinks

Might look complicated but a week and a half in you’ll see the logic, and a drinking problem.… Read more

I am £50 man!

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Jings crivvens!

A night catching up on some blogs here and I’ve just bought 2 Gretchen Peters CDs, 2 John Fullbright CDs and 1 by Sturgill Simpson(I’ve never heard anything by any of them before). Also Mary Gauthier’s latest and I’ve ordered Ron Sexsmith’s new one.

Expensive, though I can’t imagine I’ll regret it.… Read more

What have you learnt this week ?

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I used to enjoy the what have you learnt this week bit on the old podcasts, usually the opportunity for the admirable Heppers to show off about some improving book he’d just read.
Just thought I’d share the following:-
– Pram-Jam is a term that emerged in the 1950’s when motherly pride was best demonstrated by enormous throne-like vehicles and the pavement congestion that resulted. I’ve seen photos of the enormous thing me and my sister were promenaded in. What’s the excuse now ?
– Making a cuppa; putting the milk in first means your cuppa stays warmer for longer (well it wasn’t obvious to me) and is known as the Keighley method in certain parts of the country.… Read more