The passing of time.

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I am watching the most recent episode of TOTP 1980 with my wife, the lovely Carol.

The number 1 playing as I type is Geno by DMR. To me, this is their absolute classic, I didnt (& still dont) much care for Come on Eilleen, so this is the one for me. Big brassy sound, sung with conviction, whats not to love?

Anyway, I mentioned to Carol that I remember this song like it was only yesterday, & as I said it, I quickly said – 35 years ago, where has the time gone? To go back from that point, by the same amount of time, it would have been just after VE day & to me, that just doesnt seem possible or right – & of course it is both.… Read more

True stories that make you laugh.

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A similar thread was posted quite a while back by Colin H I think but it was late at night and mid-week so few people viewed it. So here is my story which I posted then of which I was reminded when talking to an old friend from my mining days last night.

Here goes; When I worked in the mines the NUM ran a joint Absenteeism Committee with the management and if you were a regular absentee you would be required to go before the committee to explain the reason for your absenteeism. Roll up Trevor who had been having lots of time off, Trevor was asked why and he answers “Because I can`t get to sleep at night because my Mam and Dad are always arguing and this makes me oversleep for my shift.” The committee ask Trevor how he would like to do a later shift Trevor agrees.… Read more


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Glasgow Barrowlands

Date: 22/05/2015

Last time Ride played at the Barras, I was a floppy-fringed fourteen year-old with no chance of getting in to see my favourite band. And 23 years later, the setlist probably hadn’t changed much: Black Nite Crash was the only song featured from their last two albums, although I doubt anyone was much bothered. Some of the criticisms levelled at ‘shoegaze’ bands possibly still stick – they’re not the most dynamic performers, and there’s not a lot of chat with the audience. But the music is great. Vapour Trail and Twisterella are great jangly pop songs, and they seem to enjoy stretching out the noisier numbers like Seagull and Drive Blind.… Read more

Oh to be in England…

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when early summer is here. As a poet almost said.

I love London on long holiday weekends. Quietens down. Thins out. You can find seats on transport, tables in restaurants. And space. In open places. Your space.

Ran back to my place from hers earlier. Got a coffee. Sat on the top of Primrose Hill. Saw what I saw and felt happy.

So, wherever you are, England or elsewhere, hope you have a good weekend.

Feel free to post a song, an image, some thoughts about where you are, what you’re doing

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Sexiest Moments In Rock

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Fin59 thinks it is seconds 16 to 19 of Sara, when Stevie Nicks sings, “Wait a minute, baby/Stay with me a while…” I can see what he means. The voice is alluring. It draws you into the song. And it affects my hormones.

It made me think about the sexiest moments in Pop. I’ve come to the conclusion that, for me, it is a Hip-Hop skit. De La Soul, under the supervision of their master producer, Prince Paul, are the kings of the skit. Some say they invented the genre. Their best album, Three Feet High And Rising, is full of them.… Read more

The Other Guys – The Greatest Movie Comedy Of All Time Apart From Spinal Tap And Maybe A Few Others

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I don’t remember seeing this one mentioned “here”. It’s one of the few – okay, two – movies that disables me with suppressed laughter when I think of it. The sharpest (stupid) script, the perfect deadpan playing, the Little River Band, “bye, Sheila!”, the mighty Dwayne Johnson leaping to his death (SPOILER) … so much to savour, over and over, in the quilted privacy of you man-cave …

Det. Terry Hoitz:
lf we were in the wild, l would attack you. Even if you weren’t in my food chain, l would go out of my way to attack you.… Read more

Eurovision live blog

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And here we are once more, celebrating all that is wonderful and European in popular music. So do join in if you feel like. It’s heavy on the CGI in the opening credits – and there’s shaping up to be a big circles theme, the makers of the BBC1 idents may wish to see their lawyers.… Read more

Your First Compilation

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After re-listening to the excellent NWOBHM podcast from this here site, I went to hunt out my first proper compilation album I bought, namely K-Tels “Axe Attack Volume 2″.
I got it from Binns department store in Scunthorpe. It was in the bargain section at the ridiculously cheap price of £1.75. I must have bought it towards the end of 1981. And look at this track listing!
Side One
Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone
Motorhead – Ace Of Spades
Black Sabbath – Die Young
Samson – Earth Mother
MSG – Armed And Ready
Rush – The Trees
Scorpions – The Zoo

Side Two
Whitesnake – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue
Def Leppard – Rock Brigade
Ted Nugent – Flesh And Blood
Gillan – Mutually Assured Destuction
Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
UFO – Mystery Train
Judas Priest – United

For a 12 year old fledgling headbanger this was heaven.… Read more

bleedin’ obvious, if fun-spoiling post.

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Eurovision has been worth sweet FA (not that it was *all that* before then) since it came to the attention of the post-modernists.

On a similar note, suspending disbelief about Peter Kay’s Car Share also difficult, e.g.:

The Japanese-fluent fish-filleter. Who works in Urmston Asda.

Wearing an I Ran The World vest 20 years after the event.



Seems mean-spirited, but as the ever-reliable Noel Gallagher said recently, “I don’t read novels as at some point I just think – ‘you’ve just made this up mate’.”… Read more

er, hello again.

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Well it really does seem as though my posts are pretty much exclusively alcohol prompted, as I’ve had a wee libation recently. Coincidentally, Rangers progressed to the Scottish Premiership play off final today.

Anyway, that aside (and trust me it’s nothing I’d wish to crow about. At least not yet), it appears I’m back, after a long, long, long, (two and a half months, to be exact) hiatus.

Tumbleweed / distant bells etc 😉… Read more

A girl called Stevie – Oh my.

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Saw an article about the Mac in Mojo. With a picture of Stevie. I remember being in physical pain if I saw her on telly when I was a lad. Somewhere down the crazy river of teenage longing.

Probably explains my lifelong predilection for women of a boho bent. A slight hippy vibe. My ex-wife Anna had a touch of that. Foxy, feisty and a doctor too. Man, I was gone. Solid gone.

May explain too my fondness for girls with boy names. There’s been an Alex, a Robyn, a Billie, and, oh yes, a Stevie. A Californian called Stevie! Dark hair, mind.… Read more

M.C. Escher’s Pop Stars As Sitcom Characters Thread

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In a private email, Mauritz confesses to “not having the confidence to start [his] own thread yet. [He’s] a bit daunted by all the brilliant and popular threads started by Afterword stars like you, Mr Saucecraft, and GLC Grey Area and Niscum. But I had this idea of starting a thread about Pop Stars As Sitcom Characters which could provide some amusemtm (damn this lack of editing!) for the less demanding of the diaspora. What do you think?”

I think it’s a swell idea, Mauritz! If it turns out to be tumbleweed, you’ll get the blame. If it gets some hits I’ll pretend it was my idea all along!… Read more

Cricket? New Zealand? Anyone?

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I’m loving it, natch. A few flibbity-jibbities from the England lads in the field, (Ian Bell I’m looking at you) and I feel sorry for the young bowler who put his foot over the line a couple of times. And the Kiwis made the most of their luck which is what good players do. It’s shaping up to be a great Test I reckon.… Read more

By the time he gets to Georgia, I’ll be quaking

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We were watching the Eurovision Semi-Finals on Tuesday and my son, who is 12, took a considerable shine to Nina Sublatti from Georgia.

He’s a bit too young for girlfriends as yet, but I suddenly felt extremely nervous. Imagine if, in a year or two,he turns up for afternoon tea with a leather-clad, Georgian Goth with an interest in martial arts, a large dog and aspirations to be cast in Game of Thrones. What will Mrs KFD and I say?

Any of you got a horror story to tell about one of your siblings or your sprogs turning up with the Girlfriend or Boyfriend from Hell?… Read more

Living in a Box

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In the 80s there was this song about living in a box by a band called Living in a Box but I can’t for the life of me remember what the song was called. All of their other hits are all over You Tube, of course – but not the one I’m after. There are a fair few pop music boffins here…so does anyone know?

Mad Max: Fury Road accidental article 2

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Holloway Odeon Screen 2

Date: 22/05/2015


Wow! I’ve just returned from a big screen showing. Absolutely bloody brilliant!

For me, this is easily one of the best blockbuster action movies I’ve ever enjoyed in a cinema. Wonderful direction and visually stunning, go and see it on a big screen now!

The entire cast throw themselves in with gusto andthere is so much gall, invention and complete insanity to behold. Steampunk types have found their Star Wars?

I’ll say no more.

Apologies for being not very eloquent and gushing about what might be regarded as popcorn fodder, but this really blew me away today.… Read more