Let’s play a game

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Pick an act, and then list their albums in descending order of quality (i.e. best at the top). Then others can tell you where you’re wrong.

I’ll start us off – Kate Bush:

Hounds of Love
The Dreaming
The Kick Inside
50 Words for Snow
Director’s Cut
The Sensual World
Never for Ever
The Red Shoes

Over to you…… Read more

Jarrod Lawson

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Following Juniors soulful post I thought I would post from my album of 2104.

Jarrod Lawson is a young white American soul/jazz singer with a knockout voice.

Some of you will clearly point at the Stevie influence but nothing wrong with that.

Classy soul for 2015.

I was planning on posting a bit more soul and funk on the new site as a balance to all the prog but others are doing a sterling job already.… Read more

Podcasts what I has discovered.

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I listen to a lot of podcasts. There are the perennial favourites such as Kermode and Mayo, The Football Ramble and Danny Baker, but I have also discovered a few new ones which I find rather good and you might too.

First up is WTF with Marc Maron (http://www.wtfpod.com/). An American comedian, he interviews all manner of people in his garage (everyone from fellow comedians to Richard Linklater and St. Vincent.). Some are a bit hit and miss (and I could lose his guitar playing at the end), but on the whole they are great, informative interviews, well worth a listen.… Read more

I Let You Go

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Author:Clare Mackintosh

While TAW was offline I read this crime / police prodedural novel pretty much in one series of sittings (started in a coffee shop, continued on the train, in a departure lounge, on Cityjet Seat 13F and at the Mijdrecht Hotel to be more specific) and for three days after I’d finished it I was still being drawn back in order to replay some of the key events of the book in my mind in the hope of them turning out differently.… Read more

Radio is anything but gaga

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So many choices for the modern radio listener! Here in Sweden we have a wonderful web radio channel called P2 Värld. No presenter, just a day full of wonderfully varied music with an emphasis on roots, World Music, Americana, jazz blues and folk. Paradise!

And you can listen to it all over the world.


And there’s a site so you can find out what the track you just listened to was.

Here’s a cracker they just played by Souad Massi.… Read more

Wood Job!

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Year: 2014
Director: Shinobi Yaguchi

Yuki Hirano has just failed his university entrance exams, and been dumped by his girlfriend. After a drunken night out with his college bound friends he stumbles upon a flyer for a one year forestry course. In no small way encouraged by a picture of a pretty girl on the front, he signs up, and leaves the busy metropolis for rural Japan on a succession of smaller and smaller trains. The first intimation of disaster comes at journey’s end, when he realises there is no cellphone signal at his destination shortly before his first encounter with a pit viper…

We follow him though a month’s training, and several failed escape attempts, until he takes an apprenticeship that turns out to be under Iida-san, the toughest of his instructors and the one with least patience for pampered city boys.… Read more

Babette revisited: one for the cinephiles

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I’ve recently joined the film club at our local cinema and this week we were treated to Gabriel Axel’s Babette’s Feast from 1987. A wonderful Danish film which in its restraint, lack of melodrama and gentle humour reminded me of several modern classics from Denmark such as Italian for beginners. Have Danish films always been like this?

One aspect of the film jarred though: the use of an omniscient narrator. “Show don’t tell” I thought to myself.… Read more

School blazer lapel badges

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I think there’s enough of us here to try this one out. In the late 70s as a preteen/teenage school person, it was common to have small lapel badges that most of the time faced inwards. All it took was a small flick of the lapel and you would reveal several badges. Ace.

I had a luminous CND symbol, “nuclear – no thanks” smiley face, Gary Numan and a hammer and sickle. I liked and admired the 2 tone ones that other people had but I didn’t wear those because that was mod, right, and I fuckin ‘ate mods.… Read more

Amason – Sky City

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Amason - Sky City

What does it sound like?:

I’ve been waiting for this album for a couple of years, since I first heard of the band – eagerly since I saw them live last summer. At long last it’s here!
That kind of anticipation can easily turn into bitter disappointment, but not this time. In fact; I wouldn’t be surprised if this album is still in my top ten when we sum up the music year of 2015.
Amason is a Swedish “indie super group” with members from Dungen, Miike Snow, Idiot Wind and Little Majorette, and together they make the loveliest pop music I’ve heard in a long while.… Read more

Piano blues and boogie

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Twang Jr is enjoying playing piano after getting his grade 1, and has a few boogie type pieces under his belt and a few bluesy licks. Not being much of a piano player myself I want to make a mix tape of cool groovy pieces to give him some ideas. I do like a spot of Dr. John, Bill Payne or Dr. Longhair myself but all pitch in with ideas peeps!… Read more

We’ve been back for ages and…..

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……there hasn’t been (dum dum dum) THE RANDOMISER!
Yes it’s time to show your cool duds and lie yer tit’s off. 5 of your best o random. I’ll start:

1. Omri Coulu Leek : Transglobal Underground/Habibi: Classics and Collaborations, 2013
Nice bit o’ Natacha Atlas. When will Tigger give her the kudos she deserves?

2. Jaded : Toyboy & Robin/Sound of Deep House, 2013
Shit, think the daughters been buying on my card again…….

3. Universe and u : K.T.Tunstall/Eye to the Telescope, 2004
Hasn’t really aged well, has it?… Read more

Old Afterword listings: Number one albums

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The response to the Top 100 albums suggested we are all Mojo/Q fans – safe choices. Just to prove/challenge that, here are all the albums that were selected as first choice by y’all.
Be sure to check the video out for a fresh faced young man in blue shirt.
(Numbers in brackets where more than one person chose that album as all time favourite) –

AC/DC – Highway To Hell
Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
The Allman Brothers!… Read more

No Further Action

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Author:Jim Davidson

As 2012 draws to a close Jim Davidson is waiting to go on Celebrity Big Brother in an attempt to revive his flagging career, his older brother falls ill, his dog dies and he learns via the press he’s being investigated by Operation Yewtree. To make matters worse at the start of the new year, the day before entering the Big Brother house, he ends up in a cell.

Regardless of how you view Davidson it’s worth suspending your prejudices and reading this book.… Read more

Revisiting the criteria for PROG

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I know we debated this in the old place but hey new site ,let’s argue the same stuff again.

David Peperell, a bloke I know in Melbourne , a veteran of the Melbourne music scene and someone whose musical opinion I respect came up with his own criteria for Prog. He was prompted by this silly list of prog bands ….Toto?


According to David, prog bands must be 1. English and 2. Active in the period 1969-1979.… Read more

Test match cricket

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Four day test matches under consideration by the ECB – surely an idea that should left on the drawing board ?

http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci-icc/content/story/838489.html… Read more