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We’ve had a handful of users reporting that the site’s not letting them publish blogs. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to report the error, and apologies for the inconvenience.

We’re not sure what’s causing the problem – if this has happened to you, please post below and let us know whether you’re on Mac or PC, what browser you’re using, whether you were posting a long article or a short one (if short, approximately how many lines long it was) and whether you tried to include any links in any of the boxes.

In the meantime, if you’re composing a blog, be sure to write it in Word (or similar) first, and copy it into the blog when you’re ready to hit submit, so you don’t lose your work if the bug bites.

Hannah x… Read more

Hymn to Van – and call-out for your best Van songs..

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This is a long-ish post which you may not be arsed to read all the way through, so let me draw your attention to the fact that at the end there is a call-out for yet another Afterword a list.

It’s turning out to be a pretty good year for Van Morrison. He turns 70 this weekend and is celebrating with two hometown gigs on Cyprus Avenue. He released his Duets album which whilst hardly his greatest hour was well received and appears to have sold well. Almost his entire back catalogue is finally available again after a ludicrous hiatus. He has been knighted. And knocking all of that into a cocked hat, in recent weeks there have been many posts in praise of him here on the Afterword. So here’s another one.
I have been listening to Van for over 40 years. I remember watching and marvelling at an Old Grey Whistle Test broadcast of a live Caledonia Soul Orchestra performance sometime in the mid 70s. My main source for finding music then was the record section of my local library. This led to some fairly quirky introductions to many of the greats. I didn’t hear Astral Weeks or Moondance for years, but I knew every groove of Tupelo Honey and TB Sheets.… Read more

The Girl with The Dragon Tat: Two, Three and now Four

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This weekend novelist David Lagercrantz is the object of an enormous amount of indignation and righteous anger from the culture vultures of Sweden. He’s the man who has dared to write a continuation novel using the characters from Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy.

Very unusually for a book in Swedish, the original and the translation are being published simultaneously. There’s big money to be made. Our local supermarket already has a whole pile of them for sale.

I’m fairly pragmatic. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. By all accounts Lagercrantz is a good writer and has done a very competent job. And anyway, continuation novels, prequels, reboots etc and other developments of another’s work are fairly common these days.

Billy Bragg has turned Woody’s lyrics into full songs. David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King was published post-humously. (I tried to read it and wish it hadn’t been). My son and I enjoyed Young James Bond and Young Sherlock Holmes. Paul Rogers has stepped into Freddie’s shoes with Queen. The Clangers are back on out TV screens.

Even here on the AW we’ve had Mr Saucecraft ghost-writing on behalf of Mini and myself and adding to our body of work.… Read more

I had a dream..

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…so vivid that I woke up trembling. Bob had just gone electric and I was playing bass! The hostile crowd, Bob shouting “play louder” , I was there!

A couple of months later I read this.

The photo at the end of the piece is obviously and definitively the coolest pic of all time- care to disagree?… Read more

Music: Women v Men

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@RigidDigit ‘s struggle to come to terms with not liking something that he is told he must like made me think of Pete Doggett’s theory voiced at this week’s Word In Your Ear night that there is a clear difference to how women and men approach music.

Women like what they want
Men like what they think they should like or are told to like


The Horrors

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Have they lost their way? I really can’t feel any love for the last album Luminous (supposedly they were ‘channelling Hawkwind’ at the time).

Maybe their destiny is to take a Radiohead type stagger through critical acclaim and popularity and they’ll be headlining Glasto in three albums time?

One of several corkers on Skying… Read more

“But it’s a Classic” … Not to my ears

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There are some supposed “Classic” albums which to my (potentially) cloth ears ain’t all that.
Each to their own, and I’m fully aware that the human being is not an homogeonised entity where everyone likes the same stuff.

But I do feel I must be missing something. After reading the Patti Smith piece in Mojo, I fished out Horses for another listen.
Still not not covinced.
There are other albums which I have a blind spot with, so I tried them too.
These are:
Jeff Buckley – Grace
Nirvana – Nevermind

And do you know what – they still leave me completely unmoved, and unable to understand why people speak of them in such gushing tones.

So, what am I missing? Have I got cloth ears? Will there suddenly be a moment when it all “clicks”?… Read more

Edgar Broughton Band

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Don’t really get David Hepworth’s obsession with 1971 (the go-to year for the greatest LPs is 1968, der!) but picked up a 50p CD today of The Edgar Broughton Band’s May 1971 LP called ‘The Edgar Broughton Band’ and it’s terrific.

Not too heavy, melodic, great lyrics…..why doesn’t it ever feature in those Top 500 album lists?… Read more

If you

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Could choose just ONE weapon or method to kill someone what would it be and why?

For me it would have to be the trusty old axe every time. It’s the right tool for the job and sends out a very clear message, it says: I tried to be reasonable with you and look where that got me. Now we’re going to do things my way and just see where that will get you!

Oh, you can imagine they’d be all open to reason now, listening to what you have to say, seeing things your way just a wee bit more, and making a bigger effort now to sort things out for once. They’d probably go right on out there bold as brass and admit it that you were right all along and that they were wrong!

But too late. Too late.

Yep a forged steel, hickory handled axe does the job nicely for sure.

And it works on different levels too: for me the axe is more a powerful statement than a crude weapon; more a verb than a noun. It says: That’s it. Enough! This is going to stop right here.

So it cuts right to the bone both literally speaking and metaphorically.… Read more


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Oslo, Hackney, London.

Date: 27/08/2015

I don’t think I have ever missed a London gig by L.A’s Dawes – I’m even going to their support slot for My Morning Jacket in a couple of weeks – but this was my first time at this venue. Stunning. Great bar and restaurant downstairs, decent sized room upstairs, with fantastic sound. I met @nogbad, who is wonderful company, for a pre-gig beer before we made our way upstairs.

With a new album out, the setlist was obviously skewed towards All Your Favourite Bands – no bad thing, as I think it is their best yet. I Can’t Think About That Now, Right On Time then If I Wanted Someone (from Nothing Is Wrong) and we were off to the races. The sound of the band is fuller than before, with the addition of touring guitarist Duane Betts (son of Dickey, so almost rock royalty.) This has freed Taylor Goldsmith up, so that he doesn’t feel like he’s almost carrying the sound, and he looks more relaxed for it. The older songs still sound fresh. They even went back as far as That Western Skyline from the first album, North Hills. A beautiful song.… Read more

King Crimson Tickets

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I’ve mentioned this before but had no takers. I can’t make it to the King Crimson concert at Salford Lowry on Friday September 11th. Gutted but what ya gonna do? Anyway, in an attempt to cut my losses, I’ve put the tickets on Stubhub. £50 quid each. Face value was £74. Stalls. Row V. Pretty good tickets in a small venue.
Bargain I’d say.… Read more

Your Charity Shop Donations

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Many here are drowning under a sea of physical and digital stuff, and as time marches on the appeal of throwing stuff away increases to become almost as worthwhile as acquiring it in the first place. So – what have you thrown away recently? We’re after physical charity shop runs, and digital deletions. De-duping is not what we’re after, neither are we counting and CDs DVDs that have been ripped. That’s all just good housekeeping. Things you have waved off to Oxfam never to experience again

CDs of Nas’ I am, a triple CD set of Miami house music from 2006,
DVDs – box set of Anime, the first 6 episodes of about ten different series. Bought and never watched.
Digital – a Cold War Kids album. Never need to listen to that again.
Books – a couple of Larry Niven books (sci-fi horrendously dated) and a recipe book about bread… Read more

A love of Zero-Budget and Regional TV

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Back on the old site someone posted a 1970’s show featuring “Indoor Sports” broadcast by Yorkshire Television I believe. Anyhow, I loved that clip as I do most Zero Budget TV stuff. Anybody got any other gems?
To start the ball rolling… when I was a kid, I spent a few years in Greater Los Angeles. If the wind was blowing in the right direction and your rabbit ears had enough tin-foil on them, you might be able to pick up Channel 53 and catch an episode of “Hot Seat” with your host Wally George. Here’s a bit from 1983ish.

Bill Kirchen at The Half Moon, Putney

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“The Titan Of The Telecaster” is coming to the ‘Moon. Anyone familiar with the Rockabilly, Western Swing and Country stylings of Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen will know Bill’s got that twang thang.
I’d sort of appreciated a bit of Country music after hearing The Byrds’ “Sweetheart Of The Rodeo”, but hearing the old Commander’s “Lost In The Ozone” cemented a love of “proper” Country music that has endured to this day. Go see him. Either here, or wherever else he’s playing over this side of the pond.… Read more