Music for Misfits – The Story of Indie Part 2

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I enjoyed the latest installment, Part 1 I felt played it a little safe but this one covered some less well-trodden ground. Some great footage of JAMC, Cocteau Twins, KLF in their studio, bits about C86, fanzines etc. What I’d sort of forgotten was how badly the major labels seemed to want to find the next Smiths – I remember a slew of bands like the Mighty Lemon Drops, The Bodines, Weather Prophets the majors signed and then didn’t have a clue what to do with. Lord knows what Warners thought they’d got in JAMC. Of course, then Pete Waterman comes along, as does dance music and completely pulls the rug from under the majors by making commercial, chart bound sounds without their backing. What I think you’ll see in Part 3 is the major labels and mainstream media like Loaded magazine and Radio 1 finally catching up figuring out how to market ‘Indie’, to the point where it becomes mainstream pop culture and you’re left with the soulless, vapid sound of Razorlight and a mountain of CD singles by major label indie landfill bands that Jo Whiley played once on the Evening Session.… Read more

The dark horse in your top five

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I’m pretty Afterword-friendly in my tastes, I think. I have an unhealthy but comforting obsession with the Fabs – and my adoration of the Dame is indeed intense. Betraying my age I must say that The Police, Smiths and Stone Roses and Abba & The Carpenters before them floated my boat to the point of flight.

However, the wild card for me is Mr Joe Jackson.

What an artist! From the perfect pop of his breakthrough sexual jealousy hit to the masterpiece that is Night Music and beyond to both points and back again-his voice (though mediocre) and his sense of melody (unerring) makes every JJ release a must-buy for me.

Which artist would figure in your top five, but not that of many others?… Read more

Freedom to Listen? Sort it out Geddy

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I listened to my ‘The Rush Remasters’ copy of 2112 this week, and blow me down if the whole of side 1 – the 2112 side – hasn’t been remastered as one 20-minute track. Now when I bought the vinyl back in the day there were 7 distinct tracks on side one with proper gaps in between. Why on earth would they now say that the listener must experience our progerpiece as one magnum opus? Plays havoc with any playlisting I might want to do that might, for example, use The Temples of Syrinx and not the rest. The only other album I have ever come across that does this is a Laurent Garnier Mixmag Live CD that in the height of ‘DJs as artists’ nonsense made his mix one 79 minute track. Thanks Laurent – we love your ‘journey’ but you know if say you want to pick up where you left off half-way through that’s really irritating.
Ironic really from the then proponents of libertarianism that they impose a strict listening order on their own album.
So any other examples of ruthless enforcement of listening order via this practice?… Read more

Double embarrassing word-mangle

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My wife kindly bought tickets for us both to see “The Importance Of Being Earnest”. David Suchet as Lady Bracknell, beamed live to local theatres all over the country from the Vaudeville in the West End. Our auditorium, in our small town in Surrey, was packed to the gills, mostly with over-65s.

We arrived with minutes to spare, but I still found time to pop to the bar and order a couple of large gin and tonics – plastic glasses, of course, you know how rowdy pensioners can get. The young woman who served me asked if I would like a loyalty card. I’d noticed on the way in that next week they were showing the Cumberbatch “Hamlet”. So I said, “Oh, we don’t really come here regularly, but I think we might try the…” Now this is went it all went wrong. I can’t vouch for the precise form of syllables; however, in attempting to say “the Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet”, I said something like “the Benecunt Hamberditch…” The c*** syllable certainly featured and the rest was garbage. I lamely added “Hamlet thing” and slunk away with my drinks.

At the interval, I braved the bar again. This time it was packed.… Read more

Thomas or Dylan – can you tell the difference?

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How well do you know your Dylan (Thomas and Bob)?

I thought I knew Bob Dylan very well so I tried this quiz on the BBC website.
I got 8 out of 12.
It might have helped if I knew something about Dylan Thomas. more

1980s Poptastic Pop

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Listening to a week old Kermode-Mayo podcast reminded me of this 1980s bit over over-the-top power pop – not unusual wasn’t everything in the earlies-80s chart over the top?

If you, like me, think this is brill, how about putting in some more examples, so I have a toe tapping playlist. It has to be a genuine (preferably fabulous) hit though; no cool kid indie stuff here.

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Consecutive Compendium of Culture – UK garage, Underground rap, upbeat pop, uplifting trance, urban folk, Uzbekistani ukulele songs (?) – unveil untold unstoppable ululations

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I unguently urge u to unearth and upload –
anything cultural beginning with ‘u’
As ever, anything and everything will be gratefully received.

The Pyramid by Euan Uglow
I can’t do better than agree with this quote – the “surface of a Uglow painting is beautiful. The frankness with which it reveals its constructions resonates as you read the continuum of form and space’

Ultramarine – Discovery
This takes me back to hot summer days in the nineties. I learned recently that it quotes heavily from a Laurie Anderson song, which raises it even further in my estimation

Wishbone Ash

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The Stables, Milton Keynes

Date: 06/10/2015

In the Autumn of 1972, I was not yet 16, and Wishbone Ash announced a British tour. I had seen them twice already. They were my band. Argus was the soundtrack of my life and I scoured the dates in the NME, looking for Guildford Civic Hall. In vain. There were no other dates close by (amazing to look back and think how little we travelled to gigs back then) and I was distraught. Over the next few days I hatched a plan.

So, on the next Saturday, I walked the 2 miles into town and positioned myself on the steps of Guildford Library, armed with a big notepad, a couple of pens, and a plastic bag in case it rained, and the pad got wet. At around 9.30am, I approached a tall, long-haired guy, in an ex-RAF greatcoat.
“Excuse me,” I said, very nervously. He turned and looked me up and down.
“Yes, mate,” he said.
“Um, I’m doing a petition. Erm, Wishbone Ash aren’t coming to the Civic on their next tour and I want to get enough signatures to make them change their mind.” He looked at me for a few seconds and smiled.… Read more

Street Art

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I do like to take snaps of good street art. Here is one round the corner from Sheffield Hallam University . Anyone got any they like. Another one from me in the threads

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Quick Lyric Quiz

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All of these come under the heading of comedy song or novelty hit. (Well, one of them wasn’t a hit as such).
Please add some more!

1. Eighty men tried and eighty men died
Now they’re buried together in the countryside

2. You can have it with a buzz, you can have it with a ring
And if you really want it you can have a ding a ling

3. Is your breath fresh?
Do your have spinach on your teeth?
Is your deodorant strong enough?

4. Me Tonto Kimosabi
Me go and catchee baddy

5. Who needs Pink Floyd, Dire Straits?
That’s not our music, it’s out of date

6. He’s always makin’ the news
Wearin’ just his tennis shoes
Guess you could call him unique

7. I wouldn’t mind if it was Nobel
Even Eric would serve me well

8. As I rounded the corner I got one heck of a shock
18 wheelers were for lined up for three city blocks

9. The geezer with the bunny in the trilby hat
Reckons he’s legit but he ain’t all that

10. Then in walked skippy the bush kangaroo
And Rolf singing Sun Arise and playing the didgeridoo

11. I was on patrol in my grass skirt
When on the radio I heard a red alert

12.… Read more

The return of the son of…

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In the spirit of the recent(ish) post wherein readers were invited to examine the spines of various AW’ers vinyl collections and guess the records, here are some of mine. I suspect many of you will not find these particularly difficult…

(pic no 2 to follow)

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favourite band t-shirts

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I’ve got a drawer full of them, though some older ones seem to have shrunk quite a bit over the years :(

I’ve got three favourites ,a Dylan long sleeve with him posing with a bass guitar, the Neville brothers for a Yellow Moon tour and and Misty In Roots one from a tour of Zimbabwe in 1982.

These days the quality of most and the art seems to be a bit meh.

But today I came across this cracker !

Anyone got a shirt they want to show off?

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Ultimate Scando horror film? One girl and ……..

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A new Nordic horror novel was published this week to very positive reviews: child vampires run amok on the luxury ferry to Finland. If that is not made into a film soon, I’ll eat my woolly winter hat. But I suspect for many of you, the ultimate Scando horror movie has already been made. Released in 1946, it was called 100 accordions and a girl and the final scene does indeed involve a hundred jolly Swedes playing the squeezebox.

The horror! The horror!

Which musical instrument gives you the heebie jeebies and would be providing the soundtrack for your personal horror movie? Would it be Bloodthirsty bassoons in Brooklyn? Or maybe Killer Castanets of Clacton?

For me it would be the Hardanger fiddle. Truly the devil’s instrument. Elm Street Freddy playing one of those? Aaaaaaaagh!