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    Baron Harkonnen

    One of the finest bands currently performing in England and more than likely a lot further afield.

    All those idiots who think Prog Rock is wddly widdly guitar solos and songs about elves should listen/watch this.

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    Thanks Beany. Seeing as I have you to thank for putting me onto BBT in the first place, how appropriate that you should post this. I cried through this song, the night I went.

    Actually, ‘wept, quietly’ is more correct.

    Just beautiful.

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    Excellent music. Superbly played and sung and very enjoyable.
    The presentation, at least in that clip, is rather poor. Some of it is due to the venue I know, having been to other events there I can attest it’s a rather sterile space, but surely they could have done something to make it more visually interesting than a small projection screen behind.
    I’m not saying they should go down the capes and flower costumes route, like the seventies proggers, but the singer could have worn something more interesting than just dark shirt and trousers.

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