Nights In

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KT Tunstall (review)

What's it called?: 
Invisble Empire//Crescent Moon
What does it sound like?: 
Although I love the Jane Weaver album, I had a lot more emotional engagement with this, fairly obviously due to the different subject matter.
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The Church

What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
The Church. Which is a good thing. There's no way this sounds lacking in any department, even with the absence of Marty Willson-Piper.
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What's it called?: 
Relayer CD/DVD-A/Bluray
What does it sound like?: 
If ever there was a Yes album likely to benefit from remixing then Relayer springs to mind, and here it is to coincide with its 40th anniversary. The only album to feature the more jazz/fusion influe



The spectacle of Fritz Lang's SF masterpiece in this recently restored version - using a damaged 16mm print to restore much of the missing material takes it from the savagely cut 95ish minutes ba

Snow In Paradise

Selected for the London Film Festival after competing at Cannes, I had looked forward to this film as a fan of gritty British drama by the likes of Shane Meadows and Andrea Arnold.

Hannibal (Seasons 1&2)

First off, this is not for everybody it is very, very, very gory and really hard to watch in places.


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Free Kindle horror novel for Halloween

Until Saturday morning this novel will be free. Downloads will work on any devices with a Kindle app.

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Friedman freebie


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Dexys Bootleg Runers play London!

There is but one band that plays ALL the music from ALL the Dexys era.

Nights Out

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King's Lynn Corn Exchange
"UB40 are on at the Corn Exchange", "And?", "Well you said they were really good last time you saw them and I've never seen them", "That was 1982, that'

Elbow in Melbourne

The Forum
Ever had a band where you keep seeing them trying to relive that huge rush the first time you saw them? Elbow is like that for me.

Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

Bury Met
I went mainly because my mate is a big fan of swedish fiddle music.


The Martian

Andy Weir
It's about: 
An astronaut stranded on Mars, and how on earth (or Mars) one person left behind when the manned mission he was a part of returns home can possibly survive and be rescued.

So This Is Permanence

Ian Curtis
It's about: 
The late Joy Division singer’s ‘lyrics & notebooks’ in his own hand and printed.

Great Lost Albums

Mark Billingham, David Quantick, Martyn Waites & Stay Sherez
It's about: 
The Great Lost Albums that hardly anybody knows about but should be much better known.


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Paul Simon - Paul Simon (January 1972)

In December 1971, our house acquired its first stereo. My dad had obviously planned it for a long time. He bought separates and wall furniture to rest them on, including a large record cabinet. The speakers were placed high on the wall on either side of the front window.

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I call it Weatherallism

My friends! I have made an important musical discovery. I have uncovered a movement that came and went unremarked and worse -- unforgivably -- unnamed.

The Scottish Referendum: Head, heart and gut.

I was on a training course the other day. At the end of the course, the participants had to fill in one of those monitoring forms where they ask about your age, gender, ethnicity and all the rest of it.

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