Scottish Cup, Round 5: Performance Art

Raymond on 1960s football as performance art

In his classic dystopian novel 1984, George Orwell famously had the party apparatchik O’Brien make the following assertion: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” Watching Scottish Premier League football can be a bit like that. It was bad enough when the Old Firm routinely carved things up between them, but since Rangers had their liquidation event in 2012, watching Celtic demolish the opposition has become about as much fun as watching a big rich kid beating up a bunch of poor little kids. The Scottish Cup, at least, has managed to provide some welcome relief from that, with Hibernian, St Johnstone, Hearts and Inverness all winning the trophy in recent years. And this season, once again, the only game that matters is the tie at which one of the so-called provincial clubs will (hopefully) thwart Celtic’s pursuit of the domestic treble.

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