Nights In

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What's it called?: 
What does it sound like?: 
The first words that come to mind are "Psychedelic", "Prog" and "but with tunes".
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What's it called?: 
Art Official Age
What does it sound like?: 
Fun, frivolous, funky, flirtatious, freaky, futuristic and fabulous. The effin' little genius is back.
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What's it called?: 
Live at The Rainbow '74
What does it sound like?: 
Perhaps the popular image of Queen these days is the Live Aid conquering, globe straddling colossus of the 1980's - but in the beginning Queen was a rock band, and a hard rock band at that. This


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August: Osage County

With this movie we see the terrible, destructive effects and psychological damage that a lifetime of listening to Eric Clapton records can lead to.
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So I approached this film with some trepidation as a big Sidebottom fan.

Two Days and One Night

Critically acclaimed and my first exposure to the festival circuit darlings the Dardennes (eg Guardian 5 stars, Telegraph 4 stars), you would think 2D1N is a hard-hitting political attack on zero-hou


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Primevals - Broadcast - Glasgow

The Primevals are off on tour again, with 10 days in France to promote our new album Tales Of Endless Bliss.

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Primevals - Citrus Club - Edinburgh

The Primevals are off on tour again, with 10 days in France to promote our new album Tales Of Endless Bliss.

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Roots 'n' Roll Cafe - Club 85, Hitchin

Come and see four terrific rootsy acts at a proper groovy music club with good bar, great sound and top vibe:

Nights Out

Peter Hook & The Light

The Ritz, Manchester
I was doubtful when Hooky insisted he was going to perform every New Order and Joy Division song live but here he is, performing an immaculate 'Lonesome Tonight' a seldom heard hidden gem in
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Mary-Chapin Carpenter & the London Concert Orchestra

Royal Albert Hall, London
I can't think of any other show I've seen that demonstrates such a vast gap between a recording and live performance.

Tanya Donelly

Islington Assembly Hall
Although Throwing Muses were the headliners, Tanya D was the main attraction for me.


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The Zone of Interest

Martin Amis
It's about: 
There was an old fairy tale about a king who asked his wizard to create a magic mirror - one that when you looked into it showed not your own reflection but your soul.

Life after the State

Dominic Frisby
It's about: 
I’d have to admit that the idea of a stand-up comedian writing about a serious topic doesn’t sound all that promising, but Dominic Frisby has managed to pull off a quite startling achievement; he has
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Emma Jane Unsworth
It's about: 
The opening line tells you most of what you need to know: 'You know how it is. Saturday afternoon.


The Scottish Referendum: Head, heart and gut.

I was on a training course the other day. At the end of the course, the participants had to fill in one of those monitoring forms where they ask about your age, gender, ethnicity and all the rest of it.

What's Gaelic for 'enough, already'?

For various reasons, I decided to delay watching the Scottish referendum debate, electing instead to catch up with it on media player. It turned out to be pretty much everything I had expected and I’d be surprised if it changed anyone’s mind about how they are going to vote.

The day we (nearly) won the World Cup

25 years ago, Scotland hosted the FIFA under-16 World Cup. I attended quite a few of the games with some football-loving friends, having been part of the small minority who appeared to give a damn about the tournament in the early stages.